Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shop Till You Drop with Mother

6:48 am - I felt really strange last night. I was light headed and I seemed to be having trouble coming up with the right words. I guess I tired. Up early this morning to take Mother to Saratoga. She's after a new TV. I'm hoping to beat the crowds.

2:58 pm - Well we got back just before the snow started. This may finally be the snow storm we've been waiting for. Mother did find a TV after three stores, and she got quite a few gifts. I'm just tired out, I'd love to crawl into bed and call it a night.

8:38 pm - The snow has turned to freezing rain, and the wind has come up. I'm just hoping that the Christmas decoration stay put. I'm glad that everyone is home, because I don't think this would a good night to be on the road. We had tacos for diner tonight mad with meat from Big E's bear. Not bad really.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

8:32 am - It's snowing lightly. I love this time of year.

3:05 pm - There the Christmas decorating is done [well outside is done anyway], the little bear got his wreath. I had to get clear lights for his wreath, so I picked up groceries while I was in Bennington. D M's boyfriend was playing Santa at Wal-mart [I have to ask D M if she gets hazard pay for working at Wal-mart]. Little E is home from camp, so I made dinner out of leftovers. Now the rest of the day will be about finishing the Christmas cards.

5:15 pm - There Christmas cards are done, ready to drop in the mail on Monday morning. One more thing off my to do list.

9:58 pm - We're watching Moonlight and Mistletoe on the Hallmark Chanel. It really a hokey bad movie. But they filmed it last year in Chester, so we're playing I know where that building is game.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deck The Halls, Or Should I Say The Lawn

8:15 am - Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours was very quite, just four of us at Mother's. I slept in this morning. Gr had a bad night, asking to go out over and over. I still don't know if he didn't feel good, or he smelled something outside. So I didn't get a lot of sleep.

9:00 am - I know now that Gr was sick last night. I found a little mess in the basement. Poor little guy.

3:42 pm - Took me four hours to do the outside Christmas decorating. I'm still not quite done. I need to pick up a small string of lights for a wreath. It was a beautiful day for decorating. I even got a short snow shower.

5:18 pm - We went up to Arlington to go for a walk, and I could not believe the traffic. The roads are busier than on a normal work day. Although I'm sure the news people will say otherwise, I'd say there are a lot of shoppers out doing the Black Friday thing. I'm going to have to get rid of my favorite pair of Carhartt Overalls. I've worn them seven years and it shows. But it's going to be really hard to part with them. Maybe I can turn them into something new.

8:50 pm - I'm watching "The Polar Express". I've never seen it before, nor have I ever read the book. It is a really sweet story. Between this movie, and looking out my window at the Christmas lights I strong earlier today, I do believe I am getting into the Sprite of the Holiday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Working With the Boss..Oh God

8:37 am - I used to have treasures. Little things I would find or pick up. Things that when I saw them they would make me smile or feel happy. I just realized I don't have any treasures any more. Somewhere along the way my life has become sadder and smaller.

12:25 pm - Spent the whole morning in the office with Big E. Took three hours to do what I could have finished up in about one, if I wasn't waiting on him. Big E tells me when to come in to do bills so he'll be there, than spends half his time on the phone or running out to ask the guys something. I spend the time trying to stay busy with other work, but not knowing when he is going to be ready to start up another bill.

3:15 pm - All I here is how bad the economy is, and how no one is going to out shopping for Christmas this year. Yeah well they weren't in Rutland this afternoon. Two day before Black Friday, and the shopping center had police in the parking lot directing traffic. I saw way more carts full up being pushed to the register.

9:46 pm - Enjoying another night of peace and quite. Little E is out. Talked to C, to see if he'd made it to H C's house yet for Thanksgiving [and to see if M made it there without throwing up to much]. Big E and had a good talk about the business tonight, and although things still aren't looking to good, I feel better about how it is going.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chocolate Dreams

7:22 am - The storm that the weather men said would make this morning a mess, didn't come. Little E went out last night, so as a nice change Big E and I had the house to ourselves. I love my boys, but I'm really ready for them to move out.

12:13 pm - I've just come from the dentist. I was dreading this cleaning, since due to scheduling, I haven't been in since last May. My jaw is sore from holding my mouth open, but other wise I'm good. Thanks to good genes from Dad. This cold dreary rainy day sucks. Snow would be so much better.

3:35 pm - It's almost snow. I wish we were doing better right now, I know just the business I would buy. Way back in 1976 the first job I ever had was cleaning house at the Chocolate Barn. Well the place is for sale. Now first I make chocolate so that part of the business I would keep [adding my own designs]. I would turn the beautiful 1840's house into a B&B. Back in the barn I would still sell VT products and antiques, but I would add a bakery, coffee shop feel to the place [I would get my friend DM and Mother to do the baking] with tables and sofas. I'd open early in the morning, at like 5am. I really believe that in a couple of years I could be making a nice living. Oh well at least it doesn't cost anything to dream.

8:00 pm - The power just came back on. I don't know why it was out, the weather is fine.

10:09 pm - I don't know what's got Big E all worked up tonight, but after dinner he got a mood going. His lousy mood effects everybody in the house right down to the dog. Lets just say that's a relief that he went to bed. I love the man, but he's a pain in the ass to live with sometimes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What Do I Do All Day

12:07 pm - In the office all morning. I feel like such a waist working here. Off to Manchester to make a deposit.

2:29 pm - I had lunch at Mulligan's, couldn't get by today without their nachos. Than before I did all the other running around [bank, post office, Rite-Aid], I took Gr for a walk at the Rec Park. It was good one with Gr making a friend and behaving beyond my expectations. It was perhaps the only thing in my life I have control over right now. I can go for a walk every day, I can maybe get that part of my life back.

4:43 pm - No one knows just what I do all day long. I'm one of those people in the back ground, juggling all the balls so that everyone else can relax and enjoy the show. I return the phone calls, do the paper work, remind Big E to take care of his promises to clients, do the banking, sell our product, handle the employees, keep everything at the house running from laundry to dinner [although the damn pellet stove isn't working again], today I even had to clean the office toilet, playing plumber when it got stopped up. And yet it doesn't feel to me most days like I have a real job, and don't think many people see me as having a job or even working. I guess that means I'm really good at what I do.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guys Are Home

7:44 am - I didn't sleep all that great last night. Gr has become a bed hog. When we first got him he didn't sleep in bed, but sometime during the months I was traveling to MN, Big E must have talked him into it. Now I have a dog who thinks he should have the bed.

10:26 am - I was just watching Sunday Morning on CBS. They did a peace on a restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill. This place is a must do before you die [course eating here could cause that to happen faster]. It definitely looks like C's kind of place.

2:06 pm - There the shopping is done for the week. The kitchens clean and everything is put away. The guy are watching the Dolphin's game. Now I start working on dinner.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow, Football, an Cat Dancing

7:28 am - Sometime last night after dark it snowed. We got up to this morning to a dusting on the ground.

4:14 pm - Well I went with Mother to Manchester where I helped her buy the new appliances at Brook Valley. Than I left Gr with her and went to Pittsfield to pick up some Christmas decorating things. Now it's just really good to be home curled up on the couch. Peace and quite. I'm going to do some work on Photo Shop, write a little, and relax, on my last night of being home alone.

7:07 pm - I just realized today is when C should have been playing in a bowl game. Had the Ironmen scored in those last two minutes two weeks ago in St Cloud, today they would have been playing one more football game. Oh well as sad as it still makes me feel, would a, should a, could a, but didn't.

8:05 pm - I just found a really good movie on the Western channel
. I think is is some of Burt Reynolds finest work in his early years.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love the Damn Pellet Stove

9:36 am - The damn pellet stove isn't working again this morning. I love the stove when it's running, because it's so much cleaner and easier than a wood stove, but when it stops running there isn't much you can do. Turn it off, wait, turn it on and hope. Than if it doesn't work call the guy and pay. The stove is supposed to save money, but I've forked out $150 in service calls already this year.

12:32 pm - I did the good daughter thing and took Mother to Home Depot to look at a stove and refrigerator she is thinking about buying. We picked out a stove, but than she decided she didn't like any of their fridges. So I guess I'll be making another trip. Than she wanted to go to the Christmas Tree farm to pick up bows to make wreathes, but they weren't open. I got the lawn picked up, and the bunnies moved back to their winter home. So the rest of the day will be spent doing paper work.

6:01 pm - I just finished listing some items for sale on EBay and Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center
Amazon. I figure I can clean something up, get them out of the house, and make a little money while I'm at it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Bad Black Bear

7:23 am - I didn't write yesterday because I spent the day with Mother. We got up at 5:45 and Gr and I picked up Mother and drove up to the P & H Truck Stop for breakfast [they have the best cinnamon raisin toast in the world]. Than we went back to our Lake Camp so I could see what kind of mess they left me when it was closed up [I'm going to have a lot of work this Spring]. After that I took Mother shopping. We didn't get home until seven. I just wanted to go to bed. It was a tiring day.

12:05 pm - I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and going no where today. All I've done in the office this morning is make phone calls and try to set up advertising. I'm working but it sure doesn't look like I'm getting anything done and it doesn't feel like it either. Good new for me; my lost book weight has been found. I guess I must have left it at Friendly's last time I ate there. OK so lunch, a walk, and back to work.

2:26 pm - I ran into B L. I shouldn't say anything like this, but God she's really looking old. OK back to work.

3:52 pm - Big E and Little E just showed up at the office. Big E shot a black bear today up in Minerva,NY. They brought it back to the shop to hang and to get me to take picture of it. I asked Big E why he killed it and he said the bear was coming at him growling. I suppose that means we'll have another mount hanging in the living room [perhaps I should have one the mice I've killed recently stuffed, and mounted on the wall]. It's nice looking animal and is about 200 lb.

8:34 pm - So everyone is home tonight. What a joy, Gr and I had to give up our couch, because Big E can't share. I always have a hard time getting used to having to share the house [and my life], when the guys come home from camp. I know I'm not supposed to feel this way, but hay I like to be alone. However that being said I like having the guys around to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making Plans, Good For Your Mental Health

7:48 am - I forgot to close the dog door when I went to bed last night, so Gr woke me up at one-thirty, when he went out the look things over in the bright moon light. I got him back in, closed his door and went back to bed. Than Little E had me up at four when he left to go back to camp. I went back to sleep. Than Big E came home at six-twenty to shower before his meeting. I gave up at the point and just got up for the day. Hey at least it's going to be a bright sunny cold day.

11:51 am - I feel much better now that I'm making plans for a Christmas shopping trip. It's something [maybe the only thing] I have control over. Something to look forward to. Now if I can just make myself stop worrying about money and the business, I might enjoy myself and start to feel like the Spirit of Christmas is with me.

7:20 pm - There my trip for Christmas shopping is set and planned. Now I feel like I can move on with things. I needed to have something to look forward to, a plan. It took me almost three hours to book a flight and four hotels to cover this seven day trip. Let the shopping begin.

9:40 - Little E came home again tonight. He says that he hit a deer on his way to camp this morning with the Toyota. I hate to admit it but I've gotten used to having him around in the evenings.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wo Its Snow

12:24 pm - It's snowing!! I meet Cy at the office and got her to clean up a few book keeping things that I wasn't sure how to post taxes. I'm grabbing lunch at Friendly's before I head out to run errands, than back to the office for a couple more hours. Not to say that I have a sad little life, but the high light of this day will be that Friendly's has brought back their Peppermint Stick ice cream for the Christmas season.

3:41 pm - I finished up the running around. Than I took Gr for a walk at the Manchester Rec Park. He is like a little kid going to a candy shop, when he knows there is about to be a walk. Big E called me to check in from hunting camp. They've gotten five deer so far, not bad for the first weekend.

9:46 pm - Little E was home doing a paper when I got home tonight. He's going back into camp in the morning. I think I've finally figured out what has been causing the slump in my mood over the last few weeks. I've lost the routine of my life. I think what I need to, do even if I hate the thought of leaving Gr again for a few days this soon; I really need to plan for a Christmas shopping trip. Every year for the last six years I go to Maine for a week and wrap up my shopping, I need to do this, this year. I need my routine, my habits that put an order into my life. I need to feel like I have some kind of control over my life. Right now I just seem to be drifting.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Soup

8:07 am - I am never going to get caught up with the laundry. I do two loads a day, every day and still the pile seems to get bigger.

10:39 am - I took myself out for brunch in Rutland at the South Station Restaurant. I have never in all my travels found a brunch that equals. They have a dessert bar with so many choices that it would be very easy to make yourself sick trying just on each. So now I'll go do a little bit of shopping and start back toward home. My big day out.

2:33 pm - I'm dealing with a dilly of a headache. I felt it coming on this morning. I thought I could make it go away with a big meal. Than maybe I thought I could shop around it, but the truth is I could hardly drive home. I've got the daily chores finished up, and I'd like to give my wash room a good cleaning, but just writing this is killing my head, even my eyes hurt.

6:29 pm - I made myself the best comfort food I know of. Campbell's Tomato Soup made with milk and lots of black pepper. Than I added in Oyster Crackers a few at a time so that each bite is crunchy. It's a dinner that takes me back to my childhood and Sunday nights, getting to eat in the living room while watching The Wonderful World of Disney. I would have been sitting between my Dad's feet and using a wooden step stool painted black ad table. Our yellow tabby cat "Sally" would have been trying to sneak some of the soup.

9:17 pm - My headache has finally gone away.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleeping On Opening Morning

8:00 am - Wow! I really slept in. It's opening morning of hunting season. I should be in the woods, but I think I've given up.

10:54 am - I don't know why I go near my Mother. You'd think after 40+ years, I'd get that she makes me feel like crap. I pretty much just got told by own Mother that I'm a lazy failure, and a rotten Mother. I really wish I wasn't an only child. Than I wouldn't feel guilty for not going near her. Oh but the failure that I am knows I can't do that, because if I'm not there who will be there for her. Just like I could never sell our house, or move, because I'd have to think about she would feel first. On the plus side, C just called me to tell me one of his buddies just got a nice eight pointer.

1:51 pm - I've been in the office all afternoon, getting payroll done, and all the paper work caught up. At least it was quite today, just me and Gr.

4:12 pm - The bathroom is clean, and now for some me time with a good book and popcorn for dinner.

7:18 pm - We're getting some big wind gust. I can't believe that I'm already giving some thought to going to bed. I can't though, cause I want to catch Rusty Dewees "The Logger", on late night tonight. If C were tonight he'd watch it with me. Maybe I'll even get enough energy to amount to something tonight.

8:22 pm - We've got a pretty good rain storm rolling through. I hope the guys are alright at hunting camp. The News is saying they are getting a severe thunder storm right now. Maybe I'll take a ride over tomorrow and give Big E his messages and check in on them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mouse Who Made Trash Go Away

6:58 am - I knew Big E would be calling first thing this morning and getting me up. That's why I took the phone to bed with me last night. I don't know why, but I kept having dreams about Little E's last girlfriend. He didn't even go with her very long, and I only met her twice. Guess she made an impression.

9:05 am - My Mother is going to make me nuts. Being around her is like walking on glass. We have a small Dumpster at the end of the drive, which is empty about once a month, and Mother uses it with us. Well now we have to get rid of it [to keep the peace], because she has decided that, that is why she saw a mouse go under her car. If I don't get rid of it, she'll be snipping at me until I can't even sleep. Never live in a house where you can see your parents home from you window. In some way it will be a kind of hell.

12:22 pm - I dropped Gr off for his grooming and PetSmart. Than I dropped over $300 at BJ's to get the boys through one week at camp. Lunched at Ruby Tuesdays because I wanted to try their crab cake mini. I wont need to do that again.

1:57 pm - I found a couple more items for Christmas. At the Wal-Mart in the clearance aile. Three down and ton to go. It felt good to buy something, because I just can't my head into the Christmas spirit.

7:30 pm - I have a little friend living with me. A little mouse made a trip through the living room. On it's next pass I guess I should try to catch him. But for now, since its warm and the pellet stove is out, I guess this is a good time to clean it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pies In Gray Skies

7:29 am - Gr is being cuddly with me. He went out than came back and got on the couch with me, instead of going down to Mother's. She is sort of locked in house right now. Her door handle is froze up. I'll probably wind up having to change it for her. I just got my third call on the house in Manchester. Man, I wish someone would buy that thing.

10:42 am - The critters are jumpy in the woods today. We saw six white tails legging bail up the mountain beyond V's meadow. There was a fresh pawing about ten feet up in the woods from our yard.

2:13 pm - It's a damp rainy cold afternoon, and I'm happy to be home and just put on my PJ's and spend the rest of the day cleaning house. I'm starting buy putting away my summer clothes and getting out the winter things. The only thing that would make this day better would be if the rain turned to snow.

6:23 pm - I've been cooking for hunting camp. Two pies and big pot of chili. I was going to make peanut brittle and another pie, but they'll just have to wait until next week.

8:27 pm - Big E called to find out when his flight home is tomorrow. His trip to IL has ended with out a deer. Gr is hanging close to me. I'm watching House on USA. Little E is at hunting camp with his friend Jammie, getting an early jump on the opening weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Gray November Day

7:59 am - I understand why things in our economy are tanking. I know I feel defeated. Money scares me. I'm wondering if sticking your head in the sand, turn off the news, wouldn't be a better way of life. It would at least save us from stress.

10:44 am - We just got back from a walk in the woods. Its a dark gray and wonderfully beautiful crisp day. Just a joy to be out in the woods. Besides Gr is so unbelievably happy to go for a walk, and his joy makes me happy.

12:46 pm - I just watched a guy drive around the Post Office three times, so that he could park right next to the door. Talk about lazy.

2:01 pm - I need to get my head out of my butt. I am just now having lunch. I'm in Manchester with only about half of what I need. I planned a deposit, left the money home. I forgot my book
which I normally read during lunch. I would have gone to the office and scrapped coming up here, but I had get Big E's prescription at Rite-Aid. Right now I just feel like going to sleep, like a waist of time.

6:05 pm - This is a picture perfect night. It's cool, clear, with a full moon. I could be outside hiking in the woods all night and wouldn't Gr just love that. We got back from Bennington and picking up some groceries to see three deer standing under the pear tree. They are enjoying this great night as well.

10:22 pm - Its been a nice evening with Little E here, although I think I bug him. Dinner wasn't quite healthy, I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's. It's great to be the adult.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Really Slow Day

10:49 am - I'm not moving very fast this morning. I slept in until eight, and since than I've just been puddling along. Bed is made, I'm un-packed, two loads of laundry hung, paper work almost caught I am getting there. Just moving really slowly.

Home Again...At Last

This Post is for November 10 2008

7:20 am - It looks gray again but I don't think the sun is up yet. I had a killer of a head ache last night with the whole body joining in. I'm still feeling sore this morning, but I started my TOM two day early, so maybe that what it was.

8:47 am - I made breakfast out of the vending machine this morning. Cheese crackers, Poptarts and soda. Could you possibly eat any less healthy.

11:22 am - I'm sitting in the St Cloud airport with what looks like the other ten people who will be flying the whole eighteen minutes into MSP with me. [I came in on Saturday with only 3 other people]. I'm not sure how airports this small and so close to bigger cities keep going. They are even building on [the power of positive thought].

6:04 pm - I'm in Detroit, just one more flight than home. They've been good trips so far. I have 3 hours here, which gives me time to sit and enjoy dinner with out feeling rushed. I read a whole book on my travels today [OK its a short book]. I'm going to miss all the travel from this fall. I really miss C and M, but it will be nice to not feel like I'm making Gr sad and to take my house back.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sad Day In ST Cloud

7:34 am - I had a really great nights sleep. I think today will be a good day, although it looks like a gray day.

8:06 am - It's snowing

10:55 am - God it's cold out. I'm going to freeze my ass off sitting at the game. I walked down the block to Perkins for breakfast/lunch, and to kill time until I can go to the game. C called me to say they were only about an hour and half from St Cloud. He sounds pretty up beat. I hope the boys have a good game. I'm staying at the Radisson here in ST Cloud. I'm staying here because of its location to the field. I didn't rent a car so my feet will be taking me where ever I'm going.

8:11 pm - It was a beautiful day for a football game, unfortunately C's team didn't win. There was no score with only 2 minutes left to play and the other team scored. The Norsemen beat the Ironmen by six whole points. It was really crushing to C, he played harder than I've ever seen. I know it will be a tough ride home. I walked back to my room, froze all the way through, and feeling a loss even greater [that may be the last game I ever get to see C play]. I went to the lobby and printed my ticket for tomorrow flight home, and than retreated to my room. I had room service send up dinner, because I just couldn't go back out. Now I'm tired, warmed through and ready for bed.

Worked Up My Trip

This Post if for Saturday 8 Nov 2008

6;49 am - I could hardly sleep last night. You'd think I Hadn't flown before, as nervous as I feel. I don't understand why. I have that knot in my stomach and my muscles are tense. On the plus side my being up early means I'm getting to see a lovely sunrise.

8:46 am - I'm packed. That took extra thought, because I need some really warm clothes for the game. The thing is I travel only with a carry on, and one small enough st that it will fit under the seat in front of me. Now's still a long time until my flight leaves at 5:39 tonight.

2:38 pm - I'm at the Albany Airport way to early, but I had nothing left to do at home. Once I was here and checked in I felt relaxed for the first time today. I see on the news that there will be snow in MN when I get there.

11:57 pm - I am in my room, and so ready to call it night.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy But Calm Day

9:04 am - What a nice quite morning. Little E is still upstairs [I heard him come down around six am for a soda run, but not sound since]. Gr was a bum this morning, he just barely decided to go out. It is surprising how much calmer it is around here without Big E causing madness.

11:55 am - I'm having lunch at an old favorite today, Zoey's Double Hex. This is the one thing about living in Manchester that I miss, the choice of great places to eat out.

3:02 pm - What an afternoon. I had to go get gas before the truck ran out. To the bank to pay for our Safety Deposit Box, which was a month past due [because of all of my travel of late]. I got a call from the guy who manages the Company's retirement fund, he needed to me to sign a bunch of papers. I was there over an hour. Than I finally caught up with Realtor from Main Street Realty to sign papers for him. I had hoped to be done with payroll and out of the office by now. Instead I'm just getting started.

5:03 pm - Finally home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The House Is All Mine

3:58 am - to many in my bed. Granger was trying to push me out this morning. It was really warm in the house, and I was dreaming. Strange for me to be awake.

6:53 am - It's foggy and dark this morning. The lull before the storm.

11:24 am - Well I don' know if Big E is out the house yet, but I am. I took the dog and got out before he drove me nuts. I'll clean up the mess left in his wake latter. In peace. I'm going to Weston to the Vermont Country Store, to see if I can get started on Christmas shopping.

2:09 pm - I had a nice lunch at the Bryant House, and checked things out at the VT Country Store. I got an idea for a gift idea, but didn't buy anything. Now it's back to the office to pay bills, than a quite evening [I hope] at home.

3:15 pm - I was actually able to pay everything we owe at this time in the business. It's the first time this year Yaaa!

6:56 pm - Big E called from Detroit, he has just one more flight tonight. Little E has gone to wing night at Maxwell's with his cousin N. So that leaves Granger and I home alone. I'm enjoying having the TV and watching part of the old mini-serious Centennial.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Like the Day After Christmas

7:00 am - We have a new president. I have been predicting a win for Obama since May, back when he was still fighting with Clinton. I believe this will be an important change for our country. Also of great importance to me our Gov Jim Douglas won a decisive victory. Now we all get back to work.

10:14 am - I'm starting to work toward being sick of my DH. He is going away tomorrow on a hunting trip, that's been planned for months and he hasn't gotten one thing ready yet. I know that he will make tonight and tomorrow morning a nightmare for me. On the plus side Little E took a trash bag to his room, so maybe some cleaning up there will happen.

11:05 am - well change of plans...I don't have to meet the realtor in Manchester now [I hope that's not a bad sign]. I do have to go to Staples for paper for the office, so I guess I'll go to Bennington.

12:41 pm - I had lunch at Friendly's in Bennington, and was planning to have one of their Spooky Sundae, but they were sold out, so much for my treat. Than after leaving the bank I forgot that I had wanted to go to Goodwill. Oh well, just keep moving. Buy the office supplies and than I'm going home, to hope for a short amount of peace.

3:05 pm - I got home to a blocked driveway. CVPS sent some tree guys up in Mom's yard to trim up the Squirrel Tree. That's what my Dad called it. Its just a hollow hickory tree that the squirrels live in. Mom is pissy that they only trimmed the tree up and didn't cut it down.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Is Voting Day

6:58 am - I was up to dripping water. Little E was taking a shower up stairs and he didn't get the curtain closed or something, because I had water running through the ceiling onto my kitchen floor. Good morning.

7:21 am - my nerves are shot this morning. Some fishing stuff fell over in the basement and I just about jumped out of my skin.

8:29 am - I just received a call from Main ST Realty about the Manchester house. He wants to know if he can show the one time. Maybe my fingers are crossed we'll finally get rid of it.

11:23 am - I voted after a visit with my Aunt H and Uncle B, where I parked, and with my cousin M who was working a both to raise money for the sixth grade class trip.

2:12 pm - C called me to tell me he voted [first time in his life]

4:17 pm - I'm at the office waiting on Big E again, he said I needed to meet him here by four at the latest. Are you starting to see a pattern here.

4:56 pm - still waiting, can you see how little value my time has

6:37 pm - OK we finished up in the office, but now I really don't feel like going home to cook dinner. So I'm picking up subs at Paulin's

7:01 pm - home and on the TV watching to see how this election finally falls on Election Maps