Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Bad Black Bear

7:23 am - I didn't write yesterday because I spent the day with Mother. We got up at 5:45 and Gr and I picked up Mother and drove up to the P & H Truck Stop for breakfast [they have the best cinnamon raisin toast in the world]. Than we went back to our Lake Camp so I could see what kind of mess they left me when it was closed up [I'm going to have a lot of work this Spring]. After that I took Mother shopping. We didn't get home until seven. I just wanted to go to bed. It was a tiring day.

12:05 pm - I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and going no where today. All I've done in the office this morning is make phone calls and try to set up advertising. I'm working but it sure doesn't look like I'm getting anything done and it doesn't feel like it either. Good new for me; my lost book weight has been found. I guess I must have left it at Friendly's last time I ate there. OK so lunch, a walk, and back to work.

2:26 pm - I ran into B L. I shouldn't say anything like this, but God she's really looking old. OK back to work.

3:52 pm - Big E and Little E just showed up at the office. Big E shot a black bear today up in Minerva,NY. They brought it back to the shop to hang and to get me to take picture of it. I asked Big E why he killed it and he said the bear was coming at him growling. I suppose that means we'll have another mount hanging in the living room [perhaps I should have one the mice I've killed recently stuffed, and mounted on the wall]. It's nice looking animal and is about 200 lb.

8:34 pm - So everyone is home tonight. What a joy, Gr and I had to give up our couch, because Big E can't share. I always have a hard time getting used to having to share the house [and my life], when the guys come home from camp. I know I'm not supposed to feel this way, but hay I like to be alone. However that being said I like having the guys around to.

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