Sunday, November 9, 2008

Worked Up My Trip

This Post if for Saturday 8 Nov 2008

6;49 am - I could hardly sleep last night. You'd think I Hadn't flown before, as nervous as I feel. I don't understand why. I have that knot in my stomach and my muscles are tense. On the plus side my being up early means I'm getting to see a lovely sunrise.

8:46 am - I'm packed. That took extra thought, because I need some really warm clothes for the game. The thing is I travel only with a carry on, and one small enough st that it will fit under the seat in front of me. Now's still a long time until my flight leaves at 5:39 tonight.

2:38 pm - I'm at the Albany Airport way to early, but I had nothing left to do at home. Once I was here and checked in I felt relaxed for the first time today. I see on the news that there will be snow in MN when I get there.

11:57 pm - I am in my room, and so ready to call it night.

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