Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleeping On Opening Morning

8:00 am - Wow! I really slept in. It's opening morning of hunting season. I should be in the woods, but I think I've given up.

10:54 am - I don't know why I go near my Mother. You'd think after 40+ years, I'd get that she makes me feel like crap. I pretty much just got told by own Mother that I'm a lazy failure, and a rotten Mother. I really wish I wasn't an only child. Than I wouldn't feel guilty for not going near her. Oh but the failure that I am knows I can't do that, because if I'm not there who will be there for her. Just like I could never sell our house, or move, because I'd have to think about she would feel first. On the plus side, C just called me to tell me one of his buddies just got a nice eight pointer.

1:51 pm - I've been in the office all afternoon, getting payroll done, and all the paper work caught up. At least it was quite today, just me and Gr.

4:12 pm - The bathroom is clean, and now for some me time with a good book and popcorn for dinner.

7:18 pm - We're getting some big wind gust. I can't believe that I'm already giving some thought to going to bed. I can't though, cause I want to catch Rusty Dewees "The Logger", on late night tonight. If C were tonight he'd watch it with me. Maybe I'll even get enough energy to amount to something tonight.

8:22 pm - We've got a pretty good rain storm rolling through. I hope the guys are alright at hunting camp. The News is saying they are getting a severe thunder storm right now. Maybe I'll take a ride over tomorrow and give Big E his messages and check in on them.

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