Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sad Day In ST Cloud

7:34 am - I had a really great nights sleep. I think today will be a good day, although it looks like a gray day.

8:06 am - It's snowing

10:55 am - God it's cold out. I'm going to freeze my ass off sitting at the game. I walked down the block to Perkins for breakfast/lunch, and to kill time until I can go to the game. C called me to say they were only about an hour and half from St Cloud. He sounds pretty up beat. I hope the boys have a good game. I'm staying at the Radisson here in ST Cloud. I'm staying here because of its location to the field. I didn't rent a car so my feet will be taking me where ever I'm going.

8:11 pm - It was a beautiful day for a football game, unfortunately C's team didn't win. There was no score with only 2 minutes left to play and the other team scored. The Norsemen beat the Ironmen by six whole points. It was really crushing to C, he played harder than I've ever seen. I know it will be a tough ride home. I walked back to my room, froze all the way through, and feeling a loss even greater [that may be the last game I ever get to see C play]. I went to the lobby and printed my ticket for tomorrow flight home, and than retreated to my room. I had room service send up dinner, because I just couldn't go back out. Now I'm tired, warmed through and ready for bed.

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