Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Soup

8:07 am - I am never going to get caught up with the laundry. I do two loads a day, every day and still the pile seems to get bigger.

10:39 am - I took myself out for brunch in Rutland at the South Station Restaurant. I have never in all my travels found a brunch that equals. They have a dessert bar with so many choices that it would be very easy to make yourself sick trying just on each. So now I'll go do a little bit of shopping and start back toward home. My big day out.

2:33 pm - I'm dealing with a dilly of a headache. I felt it coming on this morning. I thought I could make it go away with a big meal. Than maybe I thought I could shop around it, but the truth is I could hardly drive home. I've got the daily chores finished up, and I'd like to give my wash room a good cleaning, but just writing this is killing my head, even my eyes hurt.

6:29 pm - I made myself the best comfort food I know of. Campbell's Tomato Soup made with milk and lots of black pepper. Than I added in Oyster Crackers a few at a time so that each bite is crunchy. It's a dinner that takes me back to my childhood and Sunday nights, getting to eat in the living room while watching The Wonderful World of Disney. I would have been sitting between my Dad's feet and using a wooden step stool painted black ad table. Our yellow tabby cat "Sally" would have been trying to sneak some of the soup.

9:17 pm - My headache has finally gone away.

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