Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Gray November Day

7:59 am - I understand why things in our economy are tanking. I know I feel defeated. Money scares me. I'm wondering if sticking your head in the sand, turn off the news, wouldn't be a better way of life. It would at least save us from stress.

10:44 am - We just got back from a walk in the woods. Its a dark gray and wonderfully beautiful crisp day. Just a joy to be out in the woods. Besides Gr is so unbelievably happy to go for a walk, and his joy makes me happy.

12:46 pm - I just watched a guy drive around the Post Office three times, so that he could park right next to the door. Talk about lazy.

2:01 pm - I need to get my head out of my butt. I am just now having lunch. I'm in Manchester with only about half of what I need. I planned a deposit, left the money home. I forgot my book
which I normally read during lunch. I would have gone to the office and scrapped coming up here, but I had get Big E's prescription at Rite-Aid. Right now I just feel like going to sleep, like a waist of time.

6:05 pm - This is a picture perfect night. It's cool, clear, with a full moon. I could be outside hiking in the woods all night and wouldn't Gr just love that. We got back from Bennington and picking up some groceries to see three deer standing under the pear tree. They are enjoying this great night as well.

10:22 pm - Its been a nice evening with Little E here, although I think I bug him. Dinner wasn't quite healthy, I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's. It's great to be the adult.

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