Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some One Gets Breakfast In Bed

8:57 am - We are getting snowed on pretty heavily. I wouldn't say that Gr is spoiled or anything, but he had breakfast in bed this morning. Since Map is here and she eats like most hounds, where as Gr like to eat slow [sometimes taking a bit and than going off, coming back an hour latter for another bit], we feed them separately. So today Gr got to eat in bed.

10:29 pm - I'm home dog setting again. The boys are having a party over at hunting camp. Big E has called it a night and gone to bed. I'm giving a shot at staying up until the New Year. Can anyone out there say, "God girl your old".

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some People

8:23 am - I'm tired of hypocrites. Barbara Streisand happy to be in the presences of President Bush, at the Kennedy Center Awards, since she is being honored. Israel feeling perfectly justified in bombing the Palestinians. Funny what some people consider ethical behavior.

12:47 pm - I spent the morning in the office. CT from Finn & Stone came down so we could go through the business insurance. It looks like we'll be able to save quite a bit. Than I had phone calls to catch up on. The biggy to the Vermont Sales Tax people. I'd like to get that paid before the end of the year, but I can't do it online. So after being on hold, I finally talked to a real person who is going to fax me the form. Right now I'm taking care of some errands in Manchester. The town is packed. A reminder if why living anywhere else is a plus.

7:14 pm - It seems I still have an awful lot left on my to do list, here at the end of the day. We had a good dinner, even though Little E wasn't here, and I made his favorite meal. He was bowling with RP. When they got back RP hung around for awhile to visit. He's a nice kid.

Monday, December 29, 2008

They Wont Let Women Jump

12:03 pm - I didn't get back to sleep this morning after Big E left. I laid on the couch about an hour, than gave up and got going for the day. I'm shopping in Saratoga. I went to Borders to pick up a book about traveling with your dog. Getting prepared for the trip home with C and Map. Anyhow the place was a zoo. I had to drive around the block twice before I was lucky enough to find a place to park.

5:13 pm - Puts me at the office moving money around. I got a bad call this afternoon from the accountant. It looks like we are going to owe a ton to the government. I consider this to be my fault as I didn't demand to pay quarterlies this year. Of course you'd think for how much we pay the accountant every year the would be able to figure things out. I've got the head home now. At least Big E loves me enough to have called and left a message to warn me that our parking area at home is very icy and I should be careful.

10:17 pm - C is not feeling good. This cold has really knocked him good. Little E went out for his Monday night with the cousins. Map is cuddled up with me on the couch. Hey did you know that they wont let women do the Ski Jump in the Winter Olympics. Did you know that women hold the longest distance in the Ski Jump. I guess women still have a long way to go baby.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Freakly Warm

8:17 pm - It was way to warm to be the end of December in Vermont. At one pm it was 55 degrees. All that great snow is basically gone. I went shopping for groceries and that at least got me out of the house. No one else I live with can say the same. C is sick today, with some kind of cold, he looks like he had a hard night, and I know he didn't. Big and Little E are happy campers tonight, the Dolphin's won and now going to make the playoffs. They are really big fans. The dog are really wound for sound tonight. They are playing like crazy, and getting a little ruff. Anyhow that's the high lights of my day. Sorry it's so damn boring.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rain and Ice

10:07 am - It's raining, damp and yucky. I don't feel like doing anything. This would be a good day to stay in, cuddle up on the couch and read a good book. Even the dogs think this would be a good way to spend the day.

1:16 pm - Our driveway is one long ribbon of ice. I took C to the office to get his truck. We slid our way the driveway by staying over in the snow with on wheel. Coming back in was more entertaining, as my ass slid one way than the other. We're going to have to sand it, but I don't want to do that while this warm spell is going on. So we've got to get by until Monday.

8:32 pm - I was really not ready for Big and Little E to get home tonight. Although I didn't feel like it, I really did get quite a bit done. We had leftovers from Christmas dinner [pork hash], so I can now see the shelves in my fridge. Only thing I didn't get done that I wanted to today was getting the tree out of the house. C fell asleep on the couch watching "True Grit"
and I didn't have the heart to wake him, so that will wait until morning.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching Up on Three Days

Dec 24 - 11:13 am - JP spent the night. Big E left early this morning, in the snow, to split stone for a small fireplace job he picked up yesterday. I'm cleaning the house half heartedly for tomorrow. There really isn't much left to do, but watch the dogs play and wait for Christmas Eve at Big E's parent's. This has been a very strange season.

Christmas Day Dec 25 - 8:09 am - We didn't get home from Big E's folk's house until after mignight. Luckly the rutin weather didn't get bad and stayed just rain. Although it has since turned cold so we now have ice everywhere. The boys brought up the tubs with the gifts and than headed off to bed. We got everything out and around the tree and headed off for bed. About four am I wolk to a crash. Our tree fell. It was Ok. Big E and I pulled it back up and wired the thing to the wall [which we should have done to begin with]. The only sad part for me is that I lost my Grandfather's, Grandmother's orniment. It was the only thing that broke. Anyhow now we wait for the boys to get up so we can open things and get going.

Today Dec 26 - 9:07 am - I was really wiped out last night. Gr and I went to bed at 7:30. Although he is clueless Big E is just sucking the engery out of me. I am reffusing to care about anything but what I want right now. So what I want right now is to do some post holiday shopping, and than get at least my kitchen back into shape.

11:22 pm - Gr and spent the day shopping. I got a few things for gifts for next year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

8:01 am - It is a cold clear morning. I had to turn up a couple of the heat zones in the house, because the pellet stove isn't keeping up. Gr escaped this morning from Map, and is taking a puppy break at Mother's.

9:25 am - I just broke a mirror. So do I start looking for those seven years bed luck, or just except that I no longer have a mirror over my mantel.

11:47 am - Someone knocked out the phone at the office this morning, ripped the wires off the pole. So I was a half hour on the cell phone to Fair Point getting them to come and make repairs. Now Gr and I are out delivering gifts around town. With all the errands and other thing that need to be finished up I've decided we'll just pizza for dinner tonight. Right now I'm breaking for lunch.

10:22 pm - Little is out again tonight. His friend J D from high school is back from the Air Force, so they are all meeting up to Friendly's. C and his cousin J P are hang out here at the house, playing video games. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm already for Christmas. No stress this year, no last minute things. Cool. Now if Big E felt better and wasn't so worried about his father. Oh well that one of the things I can't fix.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Boring Monday

4:30 pm - It was without a question a Monday. With C home I'm back doing two loads of laundry everyday. I meet Big E at the office to do bills and as usual, spent most of the morning waiting on him. We're still having trouble getting Map's collar to work. So far with all the snow, she hasn't wondered off to far. C and I took gifts to Hot Dog Bill's and to my Aunt H's, but we saved a lot of time as no one was home at either place. I got the kitchen picked up so I've got a fee minutes, than I'll start dinner and make some more candy. Can anyone say boring life.

10:07 PM - The boys went up to Mulligan's for Monday Night Football and to meet with all their cousins. So Big E and are Grand-dog sitting again. I guess in truth that I'm the one doing the sitting as Big E has been sleeping on the couch almost since the boys went out the door. The call I just got from the boys says that I will be puppy sitting alone all night. I can't wait until both boys go back to school.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

7:40 pm - It looks like our snow has finally come to a stop. Between Friday, yesterday and today, we've gotten around 18 to 20 inches, of the lovely fluffy white stuff. It's been such a nice day around here. We all went down to Mother's this morning for breakfast, and than everyone has just hung out around the house. C and I have shoveled a couple of times, and everyone has been watching football. I've gotten a ton of candy made for Christmas. It really is wonderful to have an adult snow day once in a while.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Day After The Snow

10:35 am - We had a sit down, whole family breakfast this morning. Other than the fact everyone else is done eating by the time I get my egg cooked, it was nice. The boys shoveled for me. We got about six inches and this means Matt plowed for the first time this year. It is finally feeling like Christmas to me.

11:43 am - I see where Vermont is planning on saving money this winter. The roads are awful, icy with packed down snow. No reason for either since parking lots have bare pavement. Just have to get used to it, as I suspect this is what winter driving will be like the rest of the year.

6:02 pm - There the tree is done. I gave in this year and for the first time in twenty-one years with Big E, I gave up my Angel Tree Topper and put a star up there. I didn't get much help with decorating this year, just a little from C. Anyhow the treasures are out for another year.

10:02 pm - The boys went to party up their cousin's house. I'm the only one still up in the house. Big E went to bed, and both dogs have conked out. M is on the couch with me, while Gr has taken his place on the bed. With all the lights off in the house, the tree looks beautiful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, Dog, Toy, and Boys

8:11 am - We are waiting for the snow to begin. Big E is on the road trying to stay ahead of the storm. I'd like to say I can't wait for him to get here, but his mood is pissy and its got me keyed up already. I think this will be a ruff weekend while we all try to settle in and get used to each other all being home.

11:37 am - I have the smartest dog in the the world. Pulling up our driveway I say to him, "your toy is there by the drive, you ought to take in before it snows and it gets plowed up until Spring." Gr gets out of the truck and I swear to God, he went right over, got his toy and took it in the house.

12:43 pm - The snow has come.

8:28 pm - The dogs have finally settled down and are sleeping. Myself and both boys are on our computers. Big E is flipping through the TV channels. And the snow continues to fall. My family is home and for tonight at least...all is right with the world.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Joy

10:03 am - I'm in the office trying to figure things out with the accountant. We had a bad year, but it still sounds like the Government is going to take more than last year. I don't know, other than to say it's going to be a tuft winter. Big E called me from Chicago about an hour ago. He thinks he'll get in here at home tomorrow sometime. Barring any bad weather. I just hope he gets through Chicago all right.

12:01 pm - I dropped off the first of the Christmas gifts. R K wasn't home, so I left the gift on the door. Than I got in a little shopping at the Weston VT Country Store.

8:21 pm - Little E and I got the tree in pretty easily this afternoon. I really like this tree. Big E isn't even home yet, and he has made me feel like shit. Somehow it's my fault that he had trouble finding the hotel in Buffalo that he is staying in tonight, and it's my fault that the furnace for up to the shop hasn't come in yet. So he did the one thing I really hate; he hung up on me. So much for any kind of peace in my life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things Come In Three

8:54 am - Can you say, everything that can go wrong. Out furnace isn't running this morning, so I had to call V to come down and see if he can get it going, than I'll try to find D and see if he will clean the furnace this year. Than I talked to Big E and he tells me his Father is bad again. I got hold of Big E's sister, who is over at his parents house. Found out that they are taking him to the hospital again for dehydration [the man needs more care that he's getting at home.] We're getting a winter mix of stormy weather, I've got to get hold of the guy who does out driveway and see if I need him to come as Little E says our drive is like an ice rink. This is just going to be a fun day.

9:16 pm -The furnace is running, but it stinks every time it kicks on. Thankfully R Baker is going to come down tomorrow and clean it for us. Big E's Father is in the hospital where at least he'll be getting some kind of care. The driveway is taken care of until the next snow comes on Friday. I got Big E and C a hotel in Madison WI that M could stay in with them. Heck I even bought a couple of Christmas gift and got them wrapped. I'm so glad that it's bed time.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Home, Two To Go

7:01 am - I didn't have a good night. I have a pain in my heel that was a steady ache. Bad enough to keep me up. I have no idea what is wrong. It actually felt better when I'd get up and walk on it.

9:35 am - I've brought my truck in for a service. She now has over hundred thousand on her. I love my F-150. They aren't doing such a good job at getting her in this morning. Normally Carmody is fast in the morning. Oh well, as long as I'm out of here in time to pick Little E up at the airport.

11:56 am - Think I just saw Little E's plane land. They made good time getting in. It's be good to get him home. Just hanging out in the observation area waiting for his call, than I'll pull around front of the airport and pick him up.

4:27 pm - I gave my dollar today to the Second Chance Animal Shelter at Paulin's. I really thought when I started this I would find lots of places to give my money, but it seems no one wants to take only a dollar. I've got to put some work into training Gr. He's slipped into some bad habits, like not coming when I call him. So my pockets are stuffed full of treats and I'm back working on his training [or my training depending on how you look at it]. My Dad always said you have to be smarter that the dog to teach it anything, I think I'm loosing.

8:50 pm - I am really wiped tonight. I'm going to bed right after "House" goes off.

Monday, December 15, 2008

To Warm For Winter

9:27 am - I had a fight with the pellet stove again this morning, but it's going now. A dark morning and the wind is coming up. To warm for any snow. I'm sick of this weather, I want real winter.

3:29 pm - It's 61 degrees. So much for snow, but on the up side the ice has melted away. With the warm weather I took the opportunity to get the bunnies cage cleaned out. Now I have a few more gifts to wrap. I bought some more things for the dogs. Now I've got to move some money around for the business.

5:25 pm - Mother had me come down while some insurance guys came in. She is trying to decide what kind of Medicare to have. Since Mother is healthy, it looks like she will be going with Part C plan, with a small co-pay. The thing is Mother hates to make a decision, which is why she wants me to tell her what to do.

7:05 pm - Thought I would do a follow up on my Dollar a Day. To make up for yesterday; when I didn't donate, today I left two dollars at Whitman's in a can for the NorthShaft Lion's Club's fund to build a park in North Bennington. Hate to say this, but donating a dollar a day isn't as easy as you might think.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Trees, and Snowed In In Duluth

1:13 pm - A really good morning. Took Mother and Gr, and we went and got our Christmas trees. We cut our own at the Mattison Tree Farm. I'm sure that the tree I picked out will not make Big E happy, but I like it. We stopped at the cemetery so I could put Christmas flags and Dad's grave and on Nanna and Grampa's. Gr friend was there as soon as we stopped the truck. Some day I'll have to find out the name of that hound. When we got home I helped Mother get her tree in a stand, mine went in the barn until the 18th. I got a call from the guys in MN. C got a deer this morning. He said it was nice spike horn. The bigger news is that Little E might not get out of Duluth in the morning. They are expecting fifteen inches of snow. Big E and C are taking him down to the airport tonight. I got him a room at the Country Inn & Suites for two nights, just in case he doesn't get out in the morning.

2:56 pm - I should be doing a ton of things, but Gr is sleeping all cuddled up with me on the couch. I just can't bring myself to move and disturb him. So here I sit, curled up under a blanket watching old TV shows.

5:55 pm - So I finished wrapping all the gifts that are leaving the house. Still have things for Big E and the boys to wrap. This looks to me like a tiny Christmas in gift department. I just can't seem to find that perfect thing. I just called Little E and he is in the hotel. He said that Big E and C left about ten minutes ago, so I should hear from them about eight.

9:48 pm - Little wont be making it out of Duluth tomorrow. I just got the call that his flight has been canceled, because of the weather. So I guess I'll pick him up on Tuesday, if they get out. Big E is back at C's house, watching M run around in the snow. He says they have about ten inches already. I wish I was in MN with them.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life

9:09 am - Wow I was lucky that I left Maine and came home when I did on Thursday. Watching the news this morning and saw the damage from ice, with trucks backed up on a street in Saco that I drove down to get to the highway. Once again I can say timing in life is everything. Here we have a cold sunny day, with a few big flakes of snow.

1:18 pm - It's cold. I took Gr with me to the office so we could start on catching up with the paper work. I put up a note to the guys that there wasn't going to be any more overtime. I'm not sure they understand that we are running out of work. I got a few gifts into the mail. Three more families to ship to than the rest of the things can be delivered in person. I had to break down and give my dollar to the Salvation Army today. I just didn't feel like being out any longer, just wanted to get home.

2:51 pm - Gr gets funny I bring bags up out of the basement with the gifts to wrap. So to keep him interested and not weired out, I put a couple of dog biscuits in a paper LL Bean bag and sat it on the floor. He played with the bag and got his treats. He seems happier.

8:22 pm - It is a clear, cold, beautiful night. I have spent most of the day wrapping gifts. I get to top the night off by watching what is without a question my favorite Christmas movie; There is something so very pure about this simple story about one average man's life. Do I hear bells ringing, could an Angel be getting his wings?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon and Glitter

7:42 am - It didn't ice up that badly, but now we're fogged in. I know I'm really home. I'm doing laundry.

11:46 am - It finally changed to snow. Gr is happy, like a little kid, when the first flakes begin to fall. After running a circle around the house and rolling in the snow, he is now lying out front getting white.

7:35 pm - The clouds have gone away and the biggest brightest full moon has shown up. It is making the ice and snow we got last night and today glitter. I wish I could take a photo that would show the beauty out my window. We are among the luck here as it seems most of Vermont and upstate New York are out of power. This has reminded me to ask Big E to bring home the power converter from hunting camp. It would keep the pellet stove running if our power went out. Got to plan for these things.

10:06 pm - Been watching Christmas shows on TV and wrapping gifts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain Freezing Rain, and Driving Home

5:49 am - This is going to be a tuff drive home. It's raining and it's thirty degrees, so it's freezing. I just stopped for a soda and almost didn't make it across the parking lot do to the ice.

11:59 am - I made it home. Everything is in the house. I finally had something to eat, got into comfy PJ's and am just beginning to unwind. It was a touchy drive home. I've made two one dollar contributions [just in case I don't get out tomorrow], one dollar at the rest stop in White River Junction to support the free coffee for travelers, and one dollar for the Second Chance Animal Shelter. For now the fire is roaring, Gr is curled up with me on the couch, I've got things to do, but God it's good to be home.

3:15 pm - The rain just keeps coming and freezing onto everything. It didn't take Gr long to get tired of me. He's gone down to Mother's to hang out. I'm not moving to fast today, but I have started wrapping and I out out a few more Christmas decorations.

10:11 pm - Still storming. It's going to be a mess in the morning. I am going to bed with hopes of sleeping in, in the morning.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shop, Shop, Shop

8:06 am - I joined in with an Internet idea, give a dollar a day to a good cause. The web site lists charity's to donate to, but I'm going to try to do it local. The most obvious thing is to drop a dollar in the Red Kettle, but I'm going to try for some different idea's. Now I head out for my last day of shopping; in the rain.

2:16 pm - I dropped a dollar. Coming out of Marsden there was a table set up for Teen Challenge New England, the guy working it was so happy he hugged me. It's funny but I think that one act has made me feel friendlier and more helpful. I'm stopping shopping right now to get some lunch. Can't come to Maine and miss Bugaboo Creek. I love their nachos. I was disappointed to find my favorite Salvation Army is gone. Can't believe Biddeford is without. Well if I can just stay awake [feel like napping, think it's because I need to eat], I'll be heading soon to Boarders.

9:49 pm - I did it. I have checked everyone off my shopping list. Now what I buy will be for my Boys. I am so ready to go home, and curl up with Gr. I'm going to bop out of here early in the morning. Hoping to miss a storm that is predicted to be coming in tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mark Twain and Frogs

5:40 am - I'm up and ready to go, but now I wait. I picked up a book last night at the hotel, by Mark Twain.
"The Celebrated Jumping frog and Other Stories". Can you believe I've never read anything by Mark Twain. It's a really tiny book so I should have it done by the end of the day.

10:46 pm - It snowed it rained. I give up on the weather helping my feel the Christmas spirit. I went to the new I ended up my day in the hotel doing laundry. No matter where I go, it seems that I don't get away from the washing machine.

Monday, December 8, 2008


4:27 am - I didn't sleep for shit last night. My nerves are shot. I mean we're talking heart racing nerves. Believe it or not these nerves are why I didn't write yesterday. Just to keyed up.

1:32 pm - I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the way today I relaxed. It felt good to just enjoy the ride. When I checked into the hotel today, they gave me an upgrade on my room. I'm going to do a little more shopping, than just kick back. Maybe even take a swim.

8:14 pm - I ate way to much at dinner tonight. Just couldn't get past the Thunder Down Under at Outback. I've had my shower, and am watching the Monday night comedy lineup. Nice quite, relaxing night. I am hoping that I've kicked the nerves.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

7:30 am - I've got a knot in my lower back, which I'm hoping will work itself out. I slept pretty good last night, but I feel tired this morning. Must be yesterday's early morning catching up with me.

9:25 am - Sitting in the truck waiting for the window to defrost enough so I can peak out and drive.

3:30 pm - I've shopped till I dropped. Sort of. I knocked a few more gifts off the list. For the most part this has been a enjoyable day to watch people. At Settler's Green I watched kids sledding on a man made hill. I couldn't help but wonder at the joy we get from the feeling of zipping down hill on snow. Any how I'm about to take a break and watch a movie. Than it will be back to shopping.

10:17 pm - I called Big E after the movie was over [Little E was right about there only being old people at Australia, I was the youngest person in the theater], and found that they had made it to Ely and C's house. I have wrapped up all the shopping I wanted to do here in North Conway, and am ready to move on to Freeport in the morning. I really didn't feel all the well today; I've had a headache all day. I am so very ready to call it a night and get some sleep. Maybe when I get up in the morning it will be snowing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Away From Home

5:00 am - I'm up

6:05 am - I'm packed and ready to go, more or less [still got to throw a couple of plastic tubs in the truck], but it's way to early. Big E and Little E changed their plans last night and left for C's place this morning about 4:30. The only one who went back to bed was the dog. Gr's still in there. He's actually the only reason I hate to go this morning. Oh well reservations have been made, and gifts have to bought.

3:56 pm - I'm just waiting for Bellini's to open. I skipped lunch today as I didn't feel hungry, but boy am I ready to eat now. When I left the house this morning, I was still feeling that tight knot in my stomach. I was wondering how much I would enjoy my trip this year. I made a stop at Lake Camp to drop off a few things and since than I've felt like everything was alright. It was a smooth ride through Crawford Notch, where I stopped to watch a guy on Nordic skates being pulled across the ice on Saco Lake by a kite. I'm in and settled, let the shopping begin.

10:11 pm - I got a few gifts checked off the list, but the real shopping will start tomorrow. I took time out tonight to catch a movie. I almost never go to the movies at home, so that really makes this feel like a vacation. My dinner at Bellini's was wonderful, I had a great waiter; Jason, he was very friendly. Big called me to say that they made it to the Mackinaw bridge and crossed, before calling it a night. So I guess we're all in somewhere, and I can call it a night.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chores and Jobs and Truth

7:24 am - This is going to a screwy day. I've got myself packed for my Christmas shopping trip. As it seems is normal the day before you leave on a trip, things tend to pile up. The electrician Mother and I have been waiting on for months is coming this morning. I've got to be here because Mother wont be, she's going shopping with Aunt H. Oh well, as I well know everything will get done and by this time tomorrow I'll be on the road in search of gifts.

11:08 am - Yeah it's snowing. Great big fat flakes. I don't think it will last, it's to warm, but right now at least it's kind of pretty. Oh and I'm working my way through all those jobs so that I can out of here tomorrow. Big E gave me good news. We got a job over in Stratton, so there will be work through January. Than we'll have to see what comes up.

9:06 pm - I did it, finished up with the last thing, paying my home bills at just before seven thirty. Big E has me worried. The last couple of nights he has looked waisted. Mentally used up, instead of his usual physically spent. I know part of it is how bad things are going with he business, but I think the bigger problem is how sick his Dad is. I don't know how to be a good a wife in this matter. Should you sugar coat just how sick the Doctors and the family have let D become, or do you look him in the eye and tell him the truth. I know that I prefer the truth, but Big E, I don't which way to go.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walking and Worry

11:50 am - Mother got her new stuff and she's actually happy with everything. So to celebrate that and the fact that Gr was good while the guys where there, we went for a walk in the woods. The puddles up there are froze in some really neat circular patterns. It was a really nice walk.

9:36 pm - I had to run Big E up to Rutland to get his work truck. We had dinner out, and talked the big talk about just how bad business is. Looks like maybe another week and we'll have to let all the guys go. First time we haven't had work in fourteen years. Deep breath and assume that something will come up, and we'll get through.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cell Phone From Hell

9:48 am - I can not get myself going today. So far the big accomplishment is that I've taken a shower [still not dressed]. The sucky part is that I've got a lot to get done. Well maybe I'll fall back on the tried and true. I'll make a list and start checking things off.

12:26 pm - What a frigging waist of time. If I may trash a company for a moment, do not get your cell phone service from Hand Chevrolet in Manchester. I always know that I'm going to have to wait for service, but after waiting a half hour, I was talked down to by a Mr Warren like I was a three year old. Big E sent me in to get a new battery for his phone, and after sitting through what I'm sure this guy thought was an education, I was told they didn't have any batteries. I have no complaints with US Cellular, but their dealer in Manchester sucks. If I could get out of the contract I would switch in a heart beat.

2:18 pm - Well I just found out about on the material sales made in the last two weeks while WK wasn't at the shop, that no one told me to bill for. Wonder how many other things went out of here with no payment.

10:22 pm - Well the list thing worked pretty well for me, I got everything check off but one item. I even had it together enough to bake a loaf of Banana Bread. Now if I can just keep myself from eating any of it tonight. With any luck Big E and Little E will save me a piece for my breakfast in the morning.

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Warm For Christmas

7:46 am - Winter just refuses to come. It warmed during the night and so the storm came with only rain and wind. Gr hogged the bed last night and I had some strange dreams.

12:42 pm - In the office a couple of hours and now I feel depressed again. This is looking like a tuff winter. It is 53 degrees, and you wouldn't believe the mud. Makes it kind of hard to feel Christmasy.

2:19 pm - I left a book in the Friendly's parking lot as a BookCrossing book. Listened to two couples fight during lunch, passionately about two strange topics. One was fighting over whether Science Fiction was worth while to read, and one couple was fighting about if stores in town should closed on Mondays. I ran into AP at the Nurses, she said her new Gr-baby is getting really big. Now it's back to the office. Oh joy.

7:00 pm - The Christmas cards are gone. Some of the things I've ordered on line have started to arrive. It's been sort of nice having Little E and Big E home for dinner, the last few nights. I like to cook for them and than we all sit down together and do the family thing. I can't wait for C to come home.

9:51 pm - I watched "Shrek the Halls" tonight. I just can't get enough of Christmas themed cartoon TV shows. It just make me feel like a little kid again.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shop Till You Drop with Mother

6:48 am - I felt really strange last night. I was light headed and I seemed to be having trouble coming up with the right words. I guess I tired. Up early this morning to take Mother to Saratoga. She's after a new TV. I'm hoping to beat the crowds.

2:58 pm - Well we got back just before the snow started. This may finally be the snow storm we've been waiting for. Mother did find a TV after three stores, and she got quite a few gifts. I'm just tired out, I'd love to crawl into bed and call it a night.

8:38 pm - The snow has turned to freezing rain, and the wind has come up. I'm just hoping that the Christmas decoration stay put. I'm glad that everyone is home, because I don't think this would a good night to be on the road. We had tacos for diner tonight mad with meat from Big E's bear. Not bad really.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

8:32 am - It's snowing lightly. I love this time of year.

3:05 pm - There the Christmas decorating is done [well outside is done anyway], the little bear got his wreath. I had to get clear lights for his wreath, so I picked up groceries while I was in Bennington. D M's boyfriend was playing Santa at Wal-mart [I have to ask D M if she gets hazard pay for working at Wal-mart]. Little E is home from camp, so I made dinner out of leftovers. Now the rest of the day will be about finishing the Christmas cards.

5:15 pm - There Christmas cards are done, ready to drop in the mail on Monday morning. One more thing off my to do list.

9:58 pm - We're watching Moonlight and Mistletoe on the Hallmark Chanel. It really a hokey bad movie. But they filmed it last year in Chester, so we're playing I know where that building is game.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deck The Halls, Or Should I Say The Lawn

8:15 am - Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours was very quite, just four of us at Mother's. I slept in this morning. Gr had a bad night, asking to go out over and over. I still don't know if he didn't feel good, or he smelled something outside. So I didn't get a lot of sleep.

9:00 am - I know now that Gr was sick last night. I found a little mess in the basement. Poor little guy.

3:42 pm - Took me four hours to do the outside Christmas decorating. I'm still not quite done. I need to pick up a small string of lights for a wreath. It was a beautiful day for decorating. I even got a short snow shower.

5:18 pm - We went up to Arlington to go for a walk, and I could not believe the traffic. The roads are busier than on a normal work day. Although I'm sure the news people will say otherwise, I'd say there are a lot of shoppers out doing the Black Friday thing. I'm going to have to get rid of my favorite pair of Carhartt Overalls. I've worn them seven years and it shows. But it's going to be really hard to part with them. Maybe I can turn them into something new.

8:50 pm - I'm watching "The Polar Express". I've never seen it before, nor have I ever read the book. It is a really sweet story. Between this movie, and looking out my window at the Christmas lights I strong earlier today, I do believe I am getting into the Sprite of the Holiday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Working With the Boss..Oh God

8:37 am - I used to have treasures. Little things I would find or pick up. Things that when I saw them they would make me smile or feel happy. I just realized I don't have any treasures any more. Somewhere along the way my life has become sadder and smaller.

12:25 pm - Spent the whole morning in the office with Big E. Took three hours to do what I could have finished up in about one, if I wasn't waiting on him. Big E tells me when to come in to do bills so he'll be there, than spends half his time on the phone or running out to ask the guys something. I spend the time trying to stay busy with other work, but not knowing when he is going to be ready to start up another bill.

3:15 pm - All I here is how bad the economy is, and how no one is going to out shopping for Christmas this year. Yeah well they weren't in Rutland this afternoon. Two day before Black Friday, and the shopping center had police in the parking lot directing traffic. I saw way more carts full up being pushed to the register.

9:46 pm - Enjoying another night of peace and quite. Little E is out. Talked to C, to see if he'd made it to H C's house yet for Thanksgiving [and to see if M made it there without throwing up to much]. Big E and had a good talk about the business tonight, and although things still aren't looking to good, I feel better about how it is going.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chocolate Dreams

7:22 am - The storm that the weather men said would make this morning a mess, didn't come. Little E went out last night, so as a nice change Big E and I had the house to ourselves. I love my boys, but I'm really ready for them to move out.

12:13 pm - I've just come from the dentist. I was dreading this cleaning, since due to scheduling, I haven't been in since last May. My jaw is sore from holding my mouth open, but other wise I'm good. Thanks to good genes from Dad. This cold dreary rainy day sucks. Snow would be so much better.

3:35 pm - It's almost snow. I wish we were doing better right now, I know just the business I would buy. Way back in 1976 the first job I ever had was cleaning house at the Chocolate Barn. Well the place is for sale. Now first I make chocolate so that part of the business I would keep [adding my own designs]. I would turn the beautiful 1840's house into a B&B. Back in the barn I would still sell VT products and antiques, but I would add a bakery, coffee shop feel to the place [I would get my friend DM and Mother to do the baking] with tables and sofas. I'd open early in the morning, at like 5am. I really believe that in a couple of years I could be making a nice living. Oh well at least it doesn't cost anything to dream.

8:00 pm - The power just came back on. I don't know why it was out, the weather is fine.

10:09 pm - I don't know what's got Big E all worked up tonight, but after dinner he got a mood going. His lousy mood effects everybody in the house right down to the dog. Lets just say that's a relief that he went to bed. I love the man, but he's a pain in the ass to live with sometimes.