Thursday, November 6, 2008

The House Is All Mine

3:58 am - to many in my bed. Granger was trying to push me out this morning. It was really warm in the house, and I was dreaming. Strange for me to be awake.

6:53 am - It's foggy and dark this morning. The lull before the storm.

11:24 am - Well I don' know if Big E is out the house yet, but I am. I took the dog and got out before he drove me nuts. I'll clean up the mess left in his wake latter. In peace. I'm going to Weston to the Vermont Country Store, to see if I can get started on Christmas shopping.

2:09 pm - I had a nice lunch at the Bryant House, and checked things out at the VT Country Store. I got an idea for a gift idea, but didn't buy anything. Now it's back to the office to pay bills, than a quite evening [I hope] at home.

3:15 pm - I was actually able to pay everything we owe at this time in the business. It's the first time this year Yaaa!

6:56 pm - Big E called from Detroit, he has just one more flight tonight. Little E has gone to wing night at Maxwell's with his cousin N. So that leaves Granger and I home alone. I'm enjoying having the TV and watching part of the old mini-serious Centennial.

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