Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making Plans, Good For Your Mental Health

7:48 am - I forgot to close the dog door when I went to bed last night, so Gr woke me up at one-thirty, when he went out the look things over in the bright moon light. I got him back in, closed his door and went back to bed. Than Little E had me up at four when he left to go back to camp. I went back to sleep. Than Big E came home at six-twenty to shower before his meeting. I gave up at the point and just got up for the day. Hey at least it's going to be a bright sunny cold day.

11:51 am - I feel much better now that I'm making plans for a Christmas shopping trip. It's something [maybe the only thing] I have control over. Something to look forward to. Now if I can just make myself stop worrying about money and the business, I might enjoy myself and start to feel like the Spirit of Christmas is with me.

7:20 pm - There my trip for Christmas shopping is set and planned. Now I feel like I can move on with things. I needed to have something to look forward to, a plan. It took me almost three hours to book a flight and four hotels to cover this seven day trip. Let the shopping begin.

9:40 - Little E came home again tonight. He says that he hit a deer on his way to camp this morning with the Toyota. I hate to admit it but I've gotten used to having him around in the evenings.

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