Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Again...At Last

This Post is for November 10 2008

7:20 am - It looks gray again but I don't think the sun is up yet. I had a killer of a head ache last night with the whole body joining in. I'm still feeling sore this morning, but I started my TOM two day early, so maybe that what it was.

8:47 am - I made breakfast out of the vending machine this morning. Cheese crackers, Poptarts and soda. Could you possibly eat any less healthy.

11:22 am - I'm sitting in the St Cloud airport with what looks like the other ten people who will be flying the whole eighteen minutes into MSP with me. [I came in on Saturday with only 3 other people]. I'm not sure how airports this small and so close to bigger cities keep going. They are even building on [the power of positive thought].

6:04 pm - I'm in Detroit, just one more flight than home. They've been good trips so far. I have 3 hours here, which gives me time to sit and enjoy dinner with out feeling rushed. I read a whole book on my travels today [OK its a short book]. I'm going to miss all the travel from this fall. I really miss C and M, but it will be nice to not feel like I'm making Gr sad and to take my house back.

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