Friday, February 27, 2009


9:08 pm it is raining had tonight, and that means ice every where in the morning. I spent a long day in the office, with bills, forms, meeting, web calls, and dead line mailings. At least the day went by fast. Just found out that Big is going to FL three day earlier than we thought, so he's out of here on Sunday. That will be a nice break for Little and I.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


12:28 pm - Big is going into a melt down and I'm left with nothing but to clean up after him and hope. I know he has something going on, his health, the business, but he wont let me in. On the other hand being shut out leaves me hanging out on the end of a limb, even more alone than ever. All I can think of is the poster of the little kitten hanging from a branch with the words "Hang in there Baby". Only I would add a little balloon over the kitten's head with "Anyone got some supper glue". I know my world is falling a part, I just can't find the cracks.

Monday, February 23, 2009


11:54 am - I dropped Gr off at PetSmart for a grooming. He really didn't want to go in. First time I've ever heard him whine. Now while I'm waiting to pick him up, I'm hitting the stores to pick up a few things before heading back to the office.

10:53 pm - I'm worried about Big. Something is going on with him that I just can't figure out. I think he is sick, but he wont let anyone help. I admit to praying every night that he will still be here in the morning. Shouldn't be feeling this way.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching Up Again

Yesterday February 21 2009
12:10 pm - I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store and grab some lunch. I got to experience a badly behaved parent at the Salvation Army. You know the ones whose children are running wild and the parent response is to issue empty threats. In this case two boys who had found a couple of swords which they wanted to buy, and were running around the store with them bumping into things and people. Mom's response was to repeatedly threaten not to buy the swords, if they didn't stop running around. The boys didn't and she still bought the swords. Clear case of a badly behaved parent.

6:23 pm - Another quite day. Gr and I took a walk around the Arlington Rec Park [not enough snow up there to snow shoe on]. Than we came home and took a nap. Now I'm enjoying watching the classic "Steel Magnolias" and when the adds are on "Walk The Line".

February 22, 2009
8:45 pm - It is snowing hard tonight. Going to be very pretty in the morning. Little and Big are home from ice fishing. I've spent the day dreaming of being in Ely with C and Map. Its been a pleasant weekend for me, if only there were more like them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grown Up Snow Day

8:40 am - It is a winter wonderland out there this morning.

11:32 am - It's snowing even harder today. So much for the weathermen getting it right. Big left this morning to go ice fishing for the weekend. It's the Great Benson Ice Fishing Derby. When Little gets done working on the mountain I have to drive him up. I hope it stops snowing before than.

2:59 pm - I should feel guilty for waisting a day, but this felt so good. I didn't get dressed until eleven-thirty, and than only sweats. I ate popcorn for lunch. I've been channel surfing and playing computer solitaire. It has been wonderful. It has been a wonderful mini vacation.

10:07 pm - I just got back from dropping Little off. Thankfully I didn't have to drive him all the way up to Ice Fishing Camp. He is spending the night with SP, and than they will go up in the morning. This was good thing for me, because the road aren't good. Vermont does a cruddy job taking care of our roads. Little and I grabbed dinner at Friendly's in Manchester, where we ran into his old girlfriend JS. They speak to each other, but don't look at each other. Interesting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cathing Up

Yesterday 17 February
8:33 am - Gr and I slept much better last night. Well he slept better, I spent a lot of time trying not to move, because I didn't want to hit his foot. I don't remember how he moved into my bed. Anyhow I need to get going to the eye doctor.

Today 18 February
8:20 am - Mother just called to let me know I should look out the window in the yard. We had three deer out under the hemlock tree eating seeds from the cones. While my darling dog Gr slept away the morning in a chair. The deer look good, still very healthy.

2:48 pm - I've been plucking my way through my to do list. Most importantly I got Gr licenced for another year. I even dug out my St Patrick Day decorations. OK so what I'm really doing is killing time, putting off paying bills. My net chore. Oh and the snow has finally arrived.

8:47 pm - Sitting in the truck in Bennington in a snow storm. Little E is on his third class of CRASH. He got picked up at a party, under aged drinking, three weeks before he turned twenty-one. So the State took his driver licence for six months and the completion of this class. It's going to be a bitch of drive home.

10;25 pm - Still snowing hard, and I can tell you that the roads are slippery.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Sleep If Gr Doesn't

7:10 am - Gr had a bad night, so I had a bad night. It seems that something is bothering his left front paw. The paw isn't bad enough that he is in whining pain, but it's causing him to limp and pace and he wont let me touch it. I've got to try to get him into the vet this morning.

3:48 am - So I took Gr to the vet and he seems to think that Gr has strained one of his toes. The vet says it will be better in a week or so of Gr not running in the crusty snow. The only way that I see that happening is if we go back to Gettysburg, and since that wont be happening, Gr will be limping for a while. He did get his yearly check up and shots while we were there so that's done.

10:28 pm - I just looked at my calendar and realized that I have an eye appointment in the morning. I really don't feel much like going back up to Manchester again this week. I wonder if there is any way I could reschedule. Well anyhow at least it looks like Gr is sleeping tonight, so I am off to [fingers crossed here] a good nights sleep.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Hearts Candy Flowers

9:52 am - Some days it's just not worth trying to write. Yesterday was one of those. We drove home from Gettysburg and didn't get in until after eight last night. The ski traffic coming up through Troy last night was incredible. I really wanted to sleep in, but I had to had to take Little E to work, and than Big E needed something done at the office. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to get home and take a shower. I'm not planning to get a heck of a lot done today, check my email, do a couple of loads of laundry, and go to Bennington for some groceries. I don't even care about making a fuss about Valentine Day. I am just lying low.

2:27 pm - I had lunch at Pizza Hut and than I went through the depressing shopping trip of Valentine Day. All that red, hearts, candy, and flowers, knowing none of it will be coming my way. And yes I am happily married. I did get Valentine Day gifts for Big and Little. I even made Big E a pie.

5:44 pm - They finally got Big's father tucked into the re-hab in Granville. The crappy doctor's assistance over in Dartmouth scheduled an ambulance, arranged for his release from the hospital, but never bothered to contact the nursing home to see if they had a room. I guess Big's brother GP really went off. Bet they all know they aren't dealing with PP anymore. Sure when Big gets home from visiting I'll get the whole story.

10:25 pm - Big and I had a nice dinner. Little got home sooner than I thought he would, and said that he didn't have to work tomorrow. Big told me hie thinks there is a good chance that he'll be getting a job up on Stratton for this summer. That would make things look so much better. I don't normally take any kind of drugs, but tonight I think I'm going to take something to help me sleep. I really need the rest.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recommended And Not Recommended

7:28 am - I took Gr out so he could pee and now he has gone back to bed call cuddled into my spot. It's going to be a lovely day, but wicked windy.

5:03 pm - I went to see the Cyclorama today. This is an extraordinary work of art. I believe this must be what looking at the work of the masters is like. Whether you like history or not, I would say that getting to view this work is a must do in life. Gr and I just got back in from another trip around the field. We covered Culp's Hill and some of the High Water Mark area, all on foot. Which in truth is the only way to see the battlefield; on foot. I think I might have tired Gr out.

8:29 pm - Big E and I went to the Dobbins House for dinner. I just don't get it about this place. This was our second trip, and nether time could I say that we had any kind of meal which would make me want to return, or to recommend the place. For my money I still like the dinner at the Farnsworth House. Anyhow it's going to be an early night for me. Fighting the wind and all that fresh air has made me sleepy. I'm sad to say that this was my last night in Gettysburg. It's been a nice trip.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking the Battlefield

12:20 pm - I spent the morning treading around Culp's Hill. My favorite place on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Big E left us this morning so he could go back to the Sportsmen's Show. So after two and half hours of walking the field we sitting out in a t-shirt at a picnic table writing in beautiful sunny 60+ weather. There isn't any snow down here, so the little wind that is blowing isn't even cold. I couldn't have dreamed a nicer day. Gr and I are going to take a short rest that this afternoon it's off to the Round Tops.

1:49 pm - I've just found that I really like Desperate Housewives

5:09 pm - Gr and I just walked in from Little Round Top. We met a nice talkative guy named Walt between the two Tops. He's a nice gentleman who had retired down here from Long Island. I still can't believe what a beautiful day it is. If it weren't for the pain I've had in my heal since Christmas, this would have been my best day in Gettysburg ever.

10:12 pm - Big E and just got back from the movies. We went to see "New in Town". Cutie movie but I would like this opportunity to apologise to my friends and family in Minnesota.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ready Set Pack

2:00 pm - Big E took me out for breakfast this morning. We decided to wait until tomorrow to head to PA. This really works well for me, I've had a lot to get done. We spent a couple of hours at the office. I've got dinner started, the kitchen cleaned up and a load of laundry finished, now I've got to run over to Bennington.

5:48 pm - My God the moon is up and it's huge. I've still got to pack our things, but I got caught up other wise. We're watching a movie about the woman who wrote The Yearling. I so wish I could get myself focused and could work harder at my writing. Oh well for now I'm going online to see if the webcam in Ely has any deer.

8:32 pm -Little E is finally home from working at the snowmobile place. I am packed and we are ready to hit the road in the morning.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poor Gr Puppy

8:20 am - Poor Gr was sick last night. He threw up a couple of times before I could get his door open, Poor little guy. I've got to get somethings to the Post Office this morning, before they close. Than it's off to Bennington to do some running around.

8:49 pm - Big E came home tonight and informed me that we were leaving on our trip tomorrow instead of Monday. Easy for him he doesn't even pack his own bags. I've been running around all night getting things put together to leave. Gr isn't happy, cause he knows we're going somewhere, he just doesn't know he's going too. Wish there was some way I could make him understand that. I've been trying to get my computer running right again. I did a clean sweep and put in virus software, but I don't think any of it has helped.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mammograms Only Come Once A Year

8:05 am - I was up and rolling early this morning. Needed to be in Rutland at the hospital for a mammogram. Just on of those yearly test that we women get. One which in my opinion most women make a much bigger fuss about that in necessary. In case you're wondering, they aren't painful or in truth are they even uncomfortable. The worst part is being cold in the room in one of those hospital gowns, and not being able to put on deodorant until it's over.

8:51 pm - Little E went over to Albany with his cousins SP and BK to play laser tag. I found the movie To Kill a Mockingbird on TV, and so am enjoying watching it. I really loved the book, and I believe the movie did it justice. Its been a nice quite afternoon and evening around here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuck In The Office

8:48 am - It's a beautiful cold winter morning. I've got to head up to the office. Big E and I've got to do a bid this morning. It looks like we'll have enough work for another week. That's how the business is going this year, one week at a time.

2:00 pm - Have I ever said how much I hate doing office work with Big E. He never has everything together and ready to go. So I spend most the the day sitting looking at the wall. Oh and that headache is back.

8:15 pm - I made it home around four. It felt so good to be in the house. I got dinner made, the kitchen cleaned, and than kicked back. I am so sleepy tonight, and yet I don't feel like going to sleep.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


7:07 am - Getting up with a headache this morning. Sharp stabbing remitting pain on the right side of my head. Had me lying in bed wondering just what I did with my life. If I kicked off today, what can I say I've left behind. All I could come up with was raising the boys and helping Big E grow his business. That's not bad I guess. I have also thought about my wanting to be a writer. The fact is the only thing holding me back from being a writer is me. If I write, I am a writer. Focus.

8:15 am - Just realized that today was the day fifteen years ago that my Dad died. I really can't believe it's been that long. I can't believe how often I still think about him.

10:20 am - Big E's Father is sick again. And this time his Mother's got something to. He just called and said for me not to come in because he's got to take care of his Father while GP runs his Mother to the hospital. No way is Big E's Father going to be healthy enough for the knee on the 16th.

10:20 pm - I had to wait until nine to pick Little E from his first Crash class. Got home to Big E all upset again. They had to take his Father back to the hospital again. Not that, that's much of a surprise. I just wish this wasn't taking so much out of Big E.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stress Is A Good Mover

9:18 am - I just can't seem to get moving this morning. Think I'm over whelmed by how much I need to get done. I just want to go back to bed and call it a day.

11:19 am - Nothing like a little stress to get you moving. I have an appointment for a mammogram on Friday and just found out today that I have to see a doctor, first for a piece of paper. So I scrambled and got into NorthShire today. But really how dumb to have to pay for an appointment just for a piece of paper.

1:02 pm - Time for some lunch. I took Gr for a walk at the Manchester Rec, but had to cut it a little short. I gt a muscle cramp in my lower left back. It was a ruff walk back to the truck. After lunch I have to do a little banking that back to the office. It looks like I'm going to make it through the to-do-list.

9:49 pm - Big E got his father how from the hospital. I think his father gave him a hard time coming home. I know his Mother did. Our pellet stove is making a strange noise tonight. At least its not a ringing in my ears, that really makes me feel better. Oh and also my favorite TV show is coming back to TNT on March 8th; Saving Grace