Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cards

8:32 am - It's snowing lightly. I love this time of year.

3:05 pm - There the Christmas decorating is done [well outside is done anyway], the little bear got his wreath. I had to get clear lights for his wreath, so I picked up groceries while I was in Bennington. D M's boyfriend was playing Santa at Wal-mart [I have to ask D M if she gets hazard pay for working at Wal-mart]. Little E is home from camp, so I made dinner out of leftovers. Now the rest of the day will be about finishing the Christmas cards.

5:15 pm - There Christmas cards are done, ready to drop in the mail on Monday morning. One more thing off my to do list.

9:58 pm - We're watching Moonlight and Mistletoe on the Hallmark Chanel. It really a hokey bad movie. But they filmed it last year in Chester, so we're playing I know where that building is game.

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