Monday, November 17, 2008

Wo Its Snow

12:24 pm - It's snowing!! I meet Cy at the office and got her to clean up a few book keeping things that I wasn't sure how to post taxes. I'm grabbing lunch at Friendly's before I head out to run errands, than back to the office for a couple more hours. Not to say that I have a sad little life, but the high light of this day will be that Friendly's has brought back their Peppermint Stick ice cream for the Christmas season.

3:41 pm - I finished up the running around. Than I took Gr for a walk at the Manchester Rec Park. He is like a little kid going to a candy shop, when he knows there is about to be a walk. Big E called me to check in from hunting camp. They've gotten five deer so far, not bad for the first weekend.

9:46 pm - Little E was home doing a paper when I got home tonight. He's going back into camp in the morning. I think I've finally figured out what has been causing the slump in my mood over the last few weeks. I've lost the routine of my life. I think what I need to, do even if I hate the thought of leaving Gr again for a few days this soon; I really need to plan for a Christmas shopping trip. Every year for the last six years I go to Maine for a week and wrap up my shopping, I need to do this, this year. I need my routine, my habits that put an order into my life. I need to feel like I have some kind of control over my life. Right now I just seem to be drifting.

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