Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy But Calm Day

9:04 am - What a nice quite morning. Little E is still upstairs [I heard him come down around six am for a soda run, but not sound since]. Gr was a bum this morning, he just barely decided to go out. It is surprising how much calmer it is around here without Big E causing madness.

11:55 am - I'm having lunch at an old favorite today, Zoey's Double Hex. This is the one thing about living in Manchester that I miss, the choice of great places to eat out.

3:02 pm - What an afternoon. I had to go get gas before the truck ran out. To the bank to pay for our Safety Deposit Box, which was a month past due [because of all of my travel of late]. I got a call from the guy who manages the Company's retirement fund, he needed to me to sign a bunch of papers. I was there over an hour. Than I finally caught up with Realtor from Main Street Realty to sign papers for him. I had hoped to be done with payroll and out of the office by now. Instead I'm just getting started.

5:03 pm - Finally home.

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