Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ironmen All The Way

7:01 am - up in the dark, I let Maple out, she came Right back in and went back to bed with C

7:48 am - what a beautiful sunrise

8:10 am - I couldn't have breakfast at my favorite place :{ so I just went down to the Grand Ely Lodge still got to have my stuffed hasbrowns [you can't get them at home]. I hope Maple isn't bugging C to much.

10:43 am - for just a moment I was back in Middlebury with Little E on the morning he played in the North/South game. That was maybe the last time I felt really close to him. But Maple started barking and that broke the spell

11:01 am - done cleaning up from Halloween, except for the left over candy, its all a memory. The dog is going crazy in the yard

2:12 pm - I begin to express my discuss with the team today. The coach still has a lot to learn and over half the starter got in trouble last night, and well from the frustration gets the better of my language *!@#$%&? etc

4:04 pm - THEY WON we're going to ST Cloud next Sunday. OMG I can't believe they won 10 second left and the score became 27 to 26

6:42 pm - C and had dinner at Stony Ridge after the game with his friend M and H and family. M's father is really a hoot.

9:09 pm - so my trip is wrapping up, the bag is almost packed, and tomorrow I'll be head south to Duluth Airport and home. I'm going to be sad to be leaving.

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