Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pies In Gray Skies

7:29 am - Gr is being cuddly with me. He went out than came back and got on the couch with me, instead of going down to Mother's. She is sort of locked in house right now. Her door handle is froze up. I'll probably wind up having to change it for her. I just got my third call on the house in Manchester. Man, I wish someone would buy that thing.

10:42 am - The critters are jumpy in the woods today. We saw six white tails legging bail up the mountain beyond V's meadow. There was a fresh pawing about ten feet up in the woods from our yard.

2:13 pm - It's a damp rainy cold afternoon, and I'm happy to be home and just put on my PJ's and spend the rest of the day cleaning house. I'm starting buy putting away my summer clothes and getting out the winter things. The only thing that would make this day better would be if the rain turned to snow.

6:23 pm - I've been cooking for hunting camp. Two pies and big pot of chili. I was going to make peanut brittle and another pie, but they'll just have to wait until next week.

8:27 pm - Big E called to find out when his flight home is tomorrow. His trip to IL has ended with out a deer. Gr is hanging close to me. I'm watching House on USA. Little E is at hunting camp with his friend Jammie, getting an early jump on the opening weekend.

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