Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leaving Ely

4:28 am - I was up much earlier than I planned, but the time changed last night and my cell phone didn't reset the time. I got out of the house with out waking C or Maple. down side of the morning though is that I lost a contact. Good thing it was time to change them anyway.

7:00 am - I'm in Duluth with way more time than I need to catch my flight. I'm doing breakfast at Perkin's

8:16 am - The rental car is returned and now I begin the wait that will bring me home. I just got off the phone with Big E, where we re-hashed the game again. I still can't believe they won [I've never seen C look so happy]. I'm sitting in the coffee shop in the Duluth Airport, since they have seats that you don't mind. At least my first flight will be comfortable, I got an upgrade to first class.

12:06 pm - I'm in Minneapolis. I've had lunch at Quizons and A & W Root beer, and now I wait again. I wish my first flight had taken me closer to home, it was a new plane and very comfortable. My reading a book right now called
My God she nailed her subject way to close to home. Being an escape of wife abuse twenty-three years ago this book is bringing a lot of those feelings back. I was lucky to have a friend save me when I couldn't.

10:12 pm - Thank God I'm home. Granger still loves me, the house is a mess, there is way to much laundry to do, and I'll be buried under paper work at the office tomorrow. It's good to home, and I'm going to bed.

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