Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Like the Day After Christmas

7:00 am - We have a new president. I have been predicting a win for Obama since May, back when he was still fighting with Clinton. I believe this will be an important change for our country. Also of great importance to me our Gov Jim Douglas won a decisive victory. Now we all get back to work.

10:14 am - I'm starting to work toward being sick of my DH. He is going away tomorrow on a hunting trip, that's been planned for months and he hasn't gotten one thing ready yet. I know that he will make tonight and tomorrow morning a nightmare for me. On the plus side Little E took a trash bag to his room, so maybe some cleaning up there will happen.

11:05 am - well change of plans...I don't have to meet the realtor in Manchester now [I hope that's not a bad sign]. I do have to go to Staples for paper for the office, so I guess I'll go to Bennington.

12:41 pm - I had lunch at Friendly's in Bennington, and was planning to have one of their Spooky Sundae, but they were sold out, so much for my treat. Than after leaving the bank I forgot that I had wanted to go to Goodwill. Oh well, just keep moving. Buy the office supplies and than I'm going home, to hope for a short amount of peace.

3:05 pm - I got home to a blocked driveway. CVPS sent some tree guys up in Mom's yard to trim up the Squirrel Tree. That's what my Dad called it. Its just a hollow hickory tree that the squirrels live in. Mom is pissy that they only trimmed the tree up and didn't cut it down.

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