Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chocolate Dreams

7:22 am - The storm that the weather men said would make this morning a mess, didn't come. Little E went out last night, so as a nice change Big E and I had the house to ourselves. I love my boys, but I'm really ready for them to move out.

12:13 pm - I've just come from the dentist. I was dreading this cleaning, since due to scheduling, I haven't been in since last May. My jaw is sore from holding my mouth open, but other wise I'm good. Thanks to good genes from Dad. This cold dreary rainy day sucks. Snow would be so much better.

3:35 pm - It's almost snow. I wish we were doing better right now, I know just the business I would buy. Way back in 1976 the first job I ever had was cleaning house at the Chocolate Barn. Well the place is for sale. Now first I make chocolate so that part of the business I would keep [adding my own designs]. I would turn the beautiful 1840's house into a B&B. Back in the barn I would still sell VT products and antiques, but I would add a bakery, coffee shop feel to the place [I would get my friend DM and Mother to do the baking] with tables and sofas. I'd open early in the morning, at like 5am. I really believe that in a couple of years I could be making a nice living. Oh well at least it doesn't cost anything to dream.

8:00 pm - The power just came back on. I don't know why it was out, the weather is fine.

10:09 pm - I don't know what's got Big E all worked up tonight, but after dinner he got a mood going. His lousy mood effects everybody in the house right down to the dog. Lets just say that's a relief that he went to bed. I love the man, but he's a pain in the ass to live with sometimes.

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