Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Working With the Boss..Oh God

8:37 am - I used to have treasures. Little things I would find or pick up. Things that when I saw them they would make me smile or feel happy. I just realized I don't have any treasures any more. Somewhere along the way my life has become sadder and smaller.

12:25 pm - Spent the whole morning in the office with Big E. Took three hours to do what I could have finished up in about one, if I wasn't waiting on him. Big E tells me when to come in to do bills so he'll be there, than spends half his time on the phone or running out to ask the guys something. I spend the time trying to stay busy with other work, but not knowing when he is going to be ready to start up another bill.

3:15 pm - All I here is how bad the economy is, and how no one is going to out shopping for Christmas this year. Yeah well they weren't in Rutland this afternoon. Two day before Black Friday, and the shopping center had police in the parking lot directing traffic. I saw way more carts full up being pushed to the register.

9:46 pm - Enjoying another night of peace and quite. Little E is out. Talked to C, to see if he'd made it to H C's house yet for Thanksgiving [and to see if M made it there without throwing up to much]. Big E and had a good talk about the business tonight, and although things still aren't looking to good, I feel better about how it is going.

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