Monday, November 3, 2008

Back in the Office...Damn

6:17 am - I woke up, well Big E woke me up leaving for work. I went back to sleep on the couch until seven thirty.

8:56 am - One load of laundry done the second in the wash and I'm off to the office

11:51 am - We had our second bad check of the month. I guess this is a sign of the times. It made me mad. I would love to post all this guys info here, but... I'm running like crazy today, just trying to get a few things done. Now I'm printing pictures of Big E's stone work for a meeting at two in Stratton.

12:41 pm - Lunch at Friendly's with Big E, when he shows up. I spend a lot of time rushing around for him, than waiting on him to show up. I've made the deposit and done the mail. I'm getting rid of chores in really small bits. Also reading a new book, just started

1:09 pm - Big E finally showed up

1:56 pm - I just got off the phone with Big E's sister P, his father is still not going to be able to get his knee replaced. After six weeks of the hospital and nursing homes, he still has an infection. This is getting ridiculous. D and Pt are going to kill their children with having to care for them.

2:55 pm - We're running all over Stratton showing a contractor Big E's work trying to get another job. I can't tell if the guy is bull shitting of not.

4:44 pm - I stopped in to see my mother and didn't get out the house until almost six. We vent off eachother. Than I went over to Bennington and got pizza for dinner at PizzaHut.

7:20 pm - Little E went out for the night to watch the game. Big E is heading for bed, and I'm chilling with Granger.

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