Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Is Voting Day

6:58 am - I was up to dripping water. Little E was taking a shower up stairs and he didn't get the curtain closed or something, because I had water running through the ceiling onto my kitchen floor. Good morning.

7:21 am - my nerves are shot this morning. Some fishing stuff fell over in the basement and I just about jumped out of my skin.

8:29 am - I just received a call from Main ST Realty about the Manchester house. He wants to know if he can show the one time. Maybe my fingers are crossed we'll finally get rid of it.

11:23 am - I voted after a visit with my Aunt H and Uncle B, where I parked, and with my cousin M who was working a both to raise money for the sixth grade class trip.

2:12 pm - C called me to tell me he voted [first time in his life]

4:17 pm - I'm at the office waiting on Big E again, he said I needed to meet him here by four at the latest. Are you starting to see a pattern here.

4:56 pm - still waiting, can you see how little value my time has

6:37 pm - OK we finished up in the office, but now I really don't feel like going home to cook dinner. So I'm picking up subs at Paulin's

7:01 pm - home and on the TV watching to see how this election finally falls on Election Maps

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