Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things Come In Three

8:54 am - Can you say, everything that can go wrong. Out furnace isn't running this morning, so I had to call V to come down and see if he can get it going, than I'll try to find D and see if he will clean the furnace this year. Than I talked to Big E and he tells me his Father is bad again. I got hold of Big E's sister, who is over at his parents house. Found out that they are taking him to the hospital again for dehydration [the man needs more care that he's getting at home.] We're getting a winter mix of stormy weather, I've got to get hold of the guy who does out driveway and see if I need him to come as Little E says our drive is like an ice rink. This is just going to be a fun day.

9:16 pm -The furnace is running, but it stinks every time it kicks on. Thankfully R Baker is going to come down tomorrow and clean it for us. Big E's Father is in the hospital where at least he'll be getting some kind of care. The driveway is taken care of until the next snow comes on Friday. I got Big E and C a hotel in Madison WI that M could stay in with them. Heck I even bought a couple of Christmas gift and got them wrapped. I'm so glad that it's bed time.

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