Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Joy

10:03 am - I'm in the office trying to figure things out with the accountant. We had a bad year, but it still sounds like the Government is going to take more than last year. I don't know, other than to say it's going to be a tuft winter. Big E called me from Chicago about an hour ago. He thinks he'll get in here at home tomorrow sometime. Barring any bad weather. I just hope he gets through Chicago all right.

12:01 pm - I dropped off the first of the Christmas gifts. R K wasn't home, so I left the gift on the door. Than I got in a little shopping at the Weston VT Country Store.

8:21 pm - Little E and I got the tree in pretty easily this afternoon. I really like this tree. Big E isn't even home yet, and he has made me feel like shit. Somehow it's my fault that he had trouble finding the hotel in Buffalo that he is staying in tonight, and it's my fault that the furnace for up to the shop hasn't come in yet. So he did the one thing I really hate; he hung up on me. So much for any kind of peace in my life.

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