Monday, December 15, 2008

To Warm For Winter

9:27 am - I had a fight with the pellet stove again this morning, but it's going now. A dark morning and the wind is coming up. To warm for any snow. I'm sick of this weather, I want real winter.

3:29 pm - It's 61 degrees. So much for snow, but on the up side the ice has melted away. With the warm weather I took the opportunity to get the bunnies cage cleaned out. Now I have a few more gifts to wrap. I bought some more things for the dogs. Now I've got to move some money around for the business.

5:25 pm - Mother had me come down while some insurance guys came in. She is trying to decide what kind of Medicare to have. Since Mother is healthy, it looks like she will be going with Part C plan, with a small co-pay. The thing is Mother hates to make a decision, which is why she wants me to tell her what to do.

7:05 pm - Thought I would do a follow up on my Dollar a Day. To make up for yesterday; when I didn't donate, today I left two dollars at Whitman's in a can for the NorthShaft Lion's Club's fund to build a park in North Bennington. Hate to say this, but donating a dollar a day isn't as easy as you might think.

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