Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

8:01 am - It is a cold clear morning. I had to turn up a couple of the heat zones in the house, because the pellet stove isn't keeping up. Gr escaped this morning from Map, and is taking a puppy break at Mother's.

9:25 am - I just broke a mirror. So do I start looking for those seven years bed luck, or just except that I no longer have a mirror over my mantel.

11:47 am - Someone knocked out the phone at the office this morning, ripped the wires off the pole. So I was a half hour on the cell phone to Fair Point getting them to come and make repairs. Now Gr and I are out delivering gifts around town. With all the errands and other thing that need to be finished up I've decided we'll just pizza for dinner tonight. Right now I'm breaking for lunch.

10:22 pm - Little is out again tonight. His friend J D from high school is back from the Air Force, so they are all meeting up to Friendly's. C and his cousin J P are hang out here at the house, playing video games. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm already for Christmas. No stress this year, no last minute things. Cool. Now if Big E felt better and wasn't so worried about his father. Oh well that one of the things I can't fix.

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