Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Trees, and Snowed In In Duluth

1:13 pm - A really good morning. Took Mother and Gr, and we went and got our Christmas trees. We cut our own at the Mattison Tree Farm. I'm sure that the tree I picked out will not make Big E happy, but I like it. We stopped at the cemetery so I could put Christmas flags and Dad's grave and on Nanna and Grampa's. Gr friend was there as soon as we stopped the truck. Some day I'll have to find out the name of that hound. When we got home I helped Mother get her tree in a stand, mine went in the barn until the 18th. I got a call from the guys in MN. C got a deer this morning. He said it was nice spike horn. The bigger news is that Little E might not get out of Duluth in the morning. They are expecting fifteen inches of snow. Big E and C are taking him down to the airport tonight. I got him a room at the Country Inn & Suites for two nights, just in case he doesn't get out in the morning.

2:56 pm - I should be doing a ton of things, but Gr is sleeping all cuddled up with me on the couch. I just can't bring myself to move and disturb him. So here I sit, curled up under a blanket watching old TV shows.

5:55 pm - So I finished wrapping all the gifts that are leaving the house. Still have things for Big E and the boys to wrap. This looks to me like a tiny Christmas in gift department. I just can't seem to find that perfect thing. I just called Little E and he is in the hotel. He said that Big E and C left about ten minutes ago, so I should hear from them about eight.

9:48 pm - Little wont be making it out of Duluth tomorrow. I just got the call that his flight has been canceled, because of the weather. So I guess I'll pick him up on Tuesday, if they get out. Big E is back at C's house, watching M run around in the snow. He says they have about ten inches already. I wish I was in MN with them.

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