Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shop, Shop, Shop

8:06 am - I joined in with an Internet idea, give a dollar a day to a good cause. The web site lists charity's to donate to, but I'm going to try to do it local. The most obvious thing is to drop a dollar in the Red Kettle, but I'm going to try for some different idea's. Now I head out for my last day of shopping; in the rain.

2:16 pm - I dropped a dollar. Coming out of Marsden there was a table set up for Teen Challenge New England, the guy working it was so happy he hugged me. It's funny but I think that one act has made me feel friendlier and more helpful. I'm stopping shopping right now to get some lunch. Can't come to Maine and miss Bugaboo Creek. I love their nachos. I was disappointed to find my favorite Salvation Army is gone. Can't believe Biddeford is without. Well if I can just stay awake [feel like napping, think it's because I need to eat], I'll be heading soon to Boarders.

9:49 pm - I did it. I have checked everyone off my shopping list. Now what I buy will be for my Boys. I am so ready to go home, and curl up with Gr. I'm going to bop out of here early in the morning. Hoping to miss a storm that is predicted to be coming in tomorrow afternoon.

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