Monday, December 22, 2008

Boring Monday

4:30 pm - It was without a question a Monday. With C home I'm back doing two loads of laundry everyday. I meet Big E at the office to do bills and as usual, spent most of the morning waiting on him. We're still having trouble getting Map's collar to work. So far with all the snow, she hasn't wondered off to far. C and I took gifts to Hot Dog Bill's and to my Aunt H's, but we saved a lot of time as no one was home at either place. I got the kitchen picked up so I've got a fee minutes, than I'll start dinner and make some more candy. Can anyone say boring life.

10:07 PM - The boys went up to Mulligan's for Monday Night Football and to meet with all their cousins. So Big E and are Grand-dog sitting again. I guess in truth that I'm the one doing the sitting as Big E has been sleeping on the couch almost since the boys went out the door. The call I just got from the boys says that I will be puppy sitting alone all night. I can't wait until both boys go back to school.

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