Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chores and Jobs and Truth

7:24 am - This is going to a screwy day. I've got myself packed for my Christmas shopping trip. As it seems is normal the day before you leave on a trip, things tend to pile up. The electrician Mother and I have been waiting on for months is coming this morning. I've got to be here because Mother wont be, she's going shopping with Aunt H. Oh well, as I well know everything will get done and by this time tomorrow I'll be on the road in search of gifts.

11:08 am - Yeah it's snowing. Great big fat flakes. I don't think it will last, it's to warm, but right now at least it's kind of pretty. Oh and I'm working my way through all those jobs so that I can out of here tomorrow. Big E gave me good news. We got a job over in Stratton, so there will be work through January. Than we'll have to see what comes up.

9:06 pm - I did it, finished up with the last thing, paying my home bills at just before seven thirty. Big E has me worried. The last couple of nights he has looked waisted. Mentally used up, instead of his usual physically spent. I know part of it is how bad things are going with he business, but I think the bigger problem is how sick his Dad is. I don't know how to be a good a wife in this matter. Should you sugar coat just how sick the Doctors and the family have let D become, or do you look him in the eye and tell him the truth. I know that I prefer the truth, but Big E, I don't which way to go.

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