Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching Up on Three Days

Dec 24 - 11:13 am - JP spent the night. Big E left early this morning, in the snow, to split stone for a small fireplace job he picked up yesterday. I'm cleaning the house half heartedly for tomorrow. There really isn't much left to do, but watch the dogs play and wait for Christmas Eve at Big E's parent's. This has been a very strange season.

Christmas Day Dec 25 - 8:09 am - We didn't get home from Big E's folk's house until after mignight. Luckly the rutin weather didn't get bad and stayed just rain. Although it has since turned cold so we now have ice everywhere. The boys brought up the tubs with the gifts and than headed off to bed. We got everything out and around the tree and headed off for bed. About four am I wolk to a crash. Our tree fell. It was Ok. Big E and I pulled it back up and wired the thing to the wall [which we should have done to begin with]. The only sad part for me is that I lost my Grandfather's, Grandmother's orniment. It was the only thing that broke. Anyhow now we wait for the boys to get up so we can open things and get going.

Today Dec 26 - 9:07 am - I was really wiped out last night. Gr and I went to bed at 7:30. Although he is clueless Big E is just sucking the engery out of me. I am reffusing to care about anything but what I want right now. So what I want right now is to do some post holiday shopping, and than get at least my kitchen back into shape.

11:22 pm - Gr and spent the day shopping. I got a few things for gifts for next year.

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