Monday, December 1, 2008

To Warm For Christmas

7:46 am - Winter just refuses to come. It warmed during the night and so the storm came with only rain and wind. Gr hogged the bed last night and I had some strange dreams.

12:42 pm - In the office a couple of hours and now I feel depressed again. This is looking like a tuff winter. It is 53 degrees, and you wouldn't believe the mud. Makes it kind of hard to feel Christmasy.

2:19 pm - I left a book in the Friendly's parking lot as a BookCrossing book. Listened to two couples fight during lunch, passionately about two strange topics. One was fighting over whether Science Fiction was worth while to read, and one couple was fighting about if stores in town should closed on Mondays. I ran into AP at the Nurses, she said her new Gr-baby is getting really big. Now it's back to the office. Oh joy.

7:00 pm - The Christmas cards are gone. Some of the things I've ordered on line have started to arrive. It's been sort of nice having Little E and Big E home for dinner, the last few nights. I like to cook for them and than we all sit down together and do the family thing. I can't wait for C to come home.

9:51 pm - I watched "Shrek the Halls" tonight. I just can't get enough of Christmas themed cartoon TV shows. It just make me feel like a little kid again.

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