Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Day After The Snow

10:35 am - We had a sit down, whole family breakfast this morning. Other than the fact everyone else is done eating by the time I get my egg cooked, it was nice. The boys shoveled for me. We got about six inches and this means Matt plowed for the first time this year. It is finally feeling like Christmas to me.

11:43 am - I see where Vermont is planning on saving money this winter. The roads are awful, icy with packed down snow. No reason for either since parking lots have bare pavement. Just have to get used to it, as I suspect this is what winter driving will be like the rest of the year.

6:02 pm - There the tree is done. I gave in this year and for the first time in twenty-one years with Big E, I gave up my Angel Tree Topper and put a star up there. I didn't get much help with decorating this year, just a little from C. Anyhow the treasures are out for another year.

10:02 pm - The boys went to party up their cousin's house. I'm the only one still up in the house. Big E went to bed, and both dogs have conked out. M is on the couch with me, while Gr has taken his place on the bed. With all the lights off in the house, the tree looks beautiful.

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