Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Home, Two To Go

7:01 am - I didn't have a good night. I have a pain in my heel that was a steady ache. Bad enough to keep me up. I have no idea what is wrong. It actually felt better when I'd get up and walk on it.

9:35 am - I've brought my truck in for a service. She now has over hundred thousand on her. I love my F-150. They aren't doing such a good job at getting her in this morning. Normally Carmody is fast in the morning. Oh well, as long as I'm out of here in time to pick Little E up at the airport.

11:56 am - Think I just saw Little E's plane land. They made good time getting in. It's be good to get him home. Just hanging out in the observation area waiting for his call, than I'll pull around front of the airport and pick him up.

4:27 pm - I gave my dollar today to the Second Chance Animal Shelter at Paulin's. I really thought when I started this I would find lots of places to give my money, but it seems no one wants to take only a dollar. I've got to put some work into training Gr. He's slipped into some bad habits, like not coming when I call him. So my pockets are stuffed full of treats and I'm back working on his training [or my training depending on how you look at it]. My Dad always said you have to be smarter that the dog to teach it anything, I think I'm loosing.

8:50 pm - I am really wiped tonight. I'm going to bed right after "House" goes off.

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