Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life

9:09 am - Wow I was lucky that I left Maine and came home when I did on Thursday. Watching the news this morning and saw the damage from ice, with trucks backed up on a street in Saco that I drove down to get to the highway. Once again I can say timing in life is everything. Here we have a cold sunny day, with a few big flakes of snow.

1:18 pm - It's cold. I took Gr with me to the office so we could start on catching up with the paper work. I put up a note to the guys that there wasn't going to be any more overtime. I'm not sure they understand that we are running out of work. I got a few gifts into the mail. Three more families to ship to than the rest of the things can be delivered in person. I had to break down and give my dollar to the Salvation Army today. I just didn't feel like being out any longer, just wanted to get home.

2:51 pm - Gr gets funny I bring bags up out of the basement with the gifts to wrap. So to keep him interested and not weired out, I put a couple of dog biscuits in a paper LL Bean bag and sat it on the floor. He played with the bag and got his treats. He seems happier.

8:22 pm - It is a clear, cold, beautiful night. I have spent most of the day wrapping gifts. I get to top the night off by watching what is without a question my favorite Christmas movie; There is something so very pure about this simple story about one average man's life. Do I hear bells ringing, could an Angel be getting his wings?

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