Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon and Glitter

7:42 am - It didn't ice up that badly, but now we're fogged in. I know I'm really home. I'm doing laundry.

11:46 am - It finally changed to snow. Gr is happy, like a little kid, when the first flakes begin to fall. After running a circle around the house and rolling in the snow, he is now lying out front getting white.

7:35 pm - The clouds have gone away and the biggest brightest full moon has shown up. It is making the ice and snow we got last night and today glitter. I wish I could take a photo that would show the beauty out my window. We are among the luck here as it seems most of Vermont and upstate New York are out of power. This has reminded me to ask Big E to bring home the power converter from hunting camp. It would keep the pellet stove running if our power went out. Got to plan for these things.

10:06 pm - Been watching Christmas shows on TV and wrapping gifts.

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