Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Away From Home

5:00 am - I'm up

6:05 am - I'm packed and ready to go, more or less [still got to throw a couple of plastic tubs in the truck], but it's way to early. Big E and Little E changed their plans last night and left for C's place this morning about 4:30. The only one who went back to bed was the dog. Gr's still in there. He's actually the only reason I hate to go this morning. Oh well reservations have been made, and gifts have to bought.

3:56 pm - I'm just waiting for Bellini's to open. I skipped lunch today as I didn't feel hungry, but boy am I ready to eat now. When I left the house this morning, I was still feeling that tight knot in my stomach. I was wondering how much I would enjoy my trip this year. I made a stop at Lake Camp to drop off a few things and since than I've felt like everything was alright. It was a smooth ride through Crawford Notch, where I stopped to watch a guy on Nordic skates being pulled across the ice on Saco Lake by a kite. I'm in and settled, let the shopping begin.

10:11 pm - I got a few gifts checked off the list, but the real shopping will start tomorrow. I took time out tonight to catch a movie. I almost never go to the movies at home, so that really makes this feel like a vacation. My dinner at Bellini's was wonderful, I had a great waiter; Jason, he was very friendly. Big called me to say that they made it to the Mackinaw bridge and crossed, before calling it a night. So I guess we're all in somewhere, and I can call it a night.

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