Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain Freezing Rain, and Driving Home

5:49 am - This is going to be a tuff drive home. It's raining and it's thirty degrees, so it's freezing. I just stopped for a soda and almost didn't make it across the parking lot do to the ice.

11:59 am - I made it home. Everything is in the house. I finally had something to eat, got into comfy PJ's and am just beginning to unwind. It was a touchy drive home. I've made two one dollar contributions [just in case I don't get out tomorrow], one dollar at the rest stop in White River Junction to support the free coffee for travelers, and one dollar for the Second Chance Animal Shelter. For now the fire is roaring, Gr is curled up with me on the couch, I've got things to do, but God it's good to be home.

3:15 pm - The rain just keeps coming and freezing onto everything. It didn't take Gr long to get tired of me. He's gone down to Mother's to hang out. I'm not moving to fast today, but I have started wrapping and I out out a few more Christmas decorations.

10:11 pm - Still storming. It's going to be a mess in the morning. I am going to bed with hopes of sleeping in, in the morning.

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