Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

7:20 am - up good morning [feel like I brunt my tongue]

8:28 am - I'm sad to think that my time in Ely MN is almost over

9:50 am - got the computer ready to do office work for W but now I have to wait from him to call me back. We couldn't figure out the billing issue with Manchester Masonry, it'll have to wait until I get home

10:38 am - I am ready for Halloween, I love the decorating and I feel like a little kid about tonight. 43 years old and I will be getting my first Trick or Treater

11:37 am - the dog has been outside all morning, she just meet her first big black crow, nothing scare this dog.

12:10 pm - I almost got hit at the light by Zup's "" some old lady pulled out in front of me. I had lunch at Vertine's with C. Bought stuff for dinner, now I'm just waiting for the Trick or Treater's to show up.

5:07 pm - The first Trick or Treater of my life. A little girl dressed up like a little kitty.

6:15 pm - C and his friend M came over after football. I got rid of most of the candy and had about 40 Trick or Treater. Really cool night, and I'm still smiling. Now C and I are chilling, and Maple is sleeping glad the night is over. It was really worth it.

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