Friday, February 20, 2009

Grown Up Snow Day

8:40 am - It is a winter wonderland out there this morning.

11:32 am - It's snowing even harder today. So much for the weathermen getting it right. Big left this morning to go ice fishing for the weekend. It's the Great Benson Ice Fishing Derby. When Little gets done working on the mountain I have to drive him up. I hope it stops snowing before than.

2:59 pm - I should feel guilty for waisting a day, but this felt so good. I didn't get dressed until eleven-thirty, and than only sweats. I ate popcorn for lunch. I've been channel surfing and playing computer solitaire. It has been wonderful. It has been a wonderful mini vacation.

10:07 pm - I just got back from dropping Little off. Thankfully I didn't have to drive him all the way up to Ice Fishing Camp. He is spending the night with SP, and than they will go up in the morning. This was good thing for me, because the road aren't good. Vermont does a cruddy job taking care of our roads. Little and I grabbed dinner at Friendly's in Manchester, where we ran into his old girlfriend JS. They speak to each other, but don't look at each other. Interesting.

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