Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking the Battlefield

12:20 pm - I spent the morning treading around Culp's Hill. My favorite place on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Big E left us this morning so he could go back to the Sportsmen's Show. So after two and half hours of walking the field we sitting out in a t-shirt at a picnic table writing in beautiful sunny 60+ weather. There isn't any snow down here, so the little wind that is blowing isn't even cold. I couldn't have dreamed a nicer day. Gr and I are going to take a short rest that this afternoon it's off to the Round Tops.

1:49 pm - I've just found that I really like Desperate Housewives

5:09 pm - Gr and I just walked in from Little Round Top. We met a nice talkative guy named Walt between the two Tops. He's a nice gentleman who had retired down here from Long Island. I still can't believe what a beautiful day it is. If it weren't for the pain I've had in my heal since Christmas, this would have been my best day in Gettysburg ever.

10:12 pm - Big E and just got back from the movies. We went to see "New in Town". Cutie movie but I would like this opportunity to apologise to my friends and family in Minnesota.

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