Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ready Set Pack

2:00 pm - Big E took me out for breakfast this morning. We decided to wait until tomorrow to head to PA. This really works well for me, I've had a lot to get done. We spent a couple of hours at the office. I've got dinner started, the kitchen cleaned up and a load of laundry finished, now I've got to run over to Bennington.

5:48 pm - My God the moon is up and it's huge. I've still got to pack our things, but I got caught up other wise. We're watching a movie about the woman who wrote The Yearling. I so wish I could get myself focused and could work harder at my writing. Oh well for now I'm going online to see if the webcam in Ely has any deer.

8:32 pm -Little E is finally home from working at the snowmobile place. I am packed and we are ready to hit the road in the morning.

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