Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Sleep If Gr Doesn't

7:10 am - Gr had a bad night, so I had a bad night. It seems that something is bothering his left front paw. The paw isn't bad enough that he is in whining pain, but it's causing him to limp and pace and he wont let me touch it. I've got to try to get him into the vet this morning.

3:48 am - So I took Gr to the vet and he seems to think that Gr has strained one of his toes. The vet says it will be better in a week or so of Gr not running in the crusty snow. The only way that I see that happening is if we go back to Gettysburg, and since that wont be happening, Gr will be limping for a while. He did get his yearly check up and shots while we were there so that's done.

10:28 pm - I just looked at my calendar and realized that I have an eye appointment in the morning. I really don't feel much like going back up to Manchester again this week. I wonder if there is any way I could reschedule. Well anyhow at least it looks like Gr is sleeping tonight, so I am off to [fingers crossed here] a good nights sleep.

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