Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Day Before The Drive

2:33 pm - No one is doing much around here today. The weather is awful, cold rain that is freezing onto everything. I've got the truck cleaned out and am packed for the trip to take C and Map home. C still has a lot to put into the truck, but he hasn't even gotten dressed yet. Big E thinks he's getting sick, so I'm glad I wont be around for a week. [I am not the nursing type].

8:43 pm - Well we finally got the truck all packed. Of course was have repack everything at the airport tomorrow when we pick up the rental car. The dogs defiantly know something is going on. They are starting to cling to each other. Our rain has become heavy wet snow in the last couple of hours, and is coming pretty hard right now. I'm thinking that the drive tomorrow wont be a lot of fun. Well I will try to sleep tonight, for my butt will be in drivers seat for the next at least 24 hours. Somehow C's trip here at home with Map has been to short.

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