Sunday, January 11, 2009


9:10 am - C and I are heading for Stony Ridge for breakfast [if they are open]. The best most amazing stuffed hash browns. Stuffed hash browns seem to be an upper Minnesota creation. What this is, is shredded potatoes, fried crispy on one side than flipped like a pancake than loaded with meat, veggies,and cheese. They fold the potatoes up like an omelet and top with eggs. It's incredible.

11:36 am - Bummer...Stony Ridge Cafe is closed until May. I am disappointed beyond words. I still got my stuffed hash browns. C and I went to the Grand Ely Lodge. Not nearly and good.

4:32 pm - I just took Map for a walk out around the block. We put her new boots and the coat my Mother map on her. She really looked adorable. I was surprised that the boots didn't seem to faze her at all, but she just kept trying to shake the coat off. Anyhow she sniffed her way around the block and than came in bouncing off the wall. The house smells great right now, I'm baking beer bread.

8:04 pm - The house has settled down at last. Map used by the last of her energy and is now crashed on the couch. C is visiting with friends on line. I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner [the whole loaf of bread is gone]. C friends MW and HC stopped to say hi on their way to campus. It has been a really pleasant Sunday.

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