Monday, January 5, 2009

At Least The Dogs Have A Life

9:23 am - I can't get myself going. I have no purpose today, nothing left to do that seems to matter. It's pretty sad when the dogs seem to a fuller life than I do.

3:02 pm - I came home to a living room full of boys. Little E was still home, C was back his cousin JP. If I understand what they're talking about, they are going up to ice fishing camp tonight. My best hope is that they will take Big E with them, along with the dogs. I could really use a night to myself.

9:55 pm - The boys did take off, but they left Big E and the pups behind. We went out to Chili's from dinner, and each of the dogs got their own little burger bit. I might as well have been home alone, since Big E walk in laid down on the couch and hasn't moved since. Well the dogs are entertaining.

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