Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank God I'm In Ely

9:18 am - I spent the last two days on the road driving C and Map back to Minnesota. Not that it wasn't a fun trip, because I really enjoyed being with C, but winter driving really sucks. We rented a car in Albany [cause I'm flying home], and started west in what became an unpredictable mix of ice, snow, and good dry roads. Driving along, than the car would start sliding and I would think we're going to have to stop soon. Than I'd drive out of it and think better keep going as long as I can while the roads are good. Plus with Map along when we did stop for the night in Toledo, we had to find a place that took dogs. Anyhow with all this we just kept going yesterday, until the three of us finally made Ely last night at eleven. I don't care if I never get in the car again. I think that since C and Map are both still in bed I'm going to take a nap.

3:42 pm - C was up earlier than I thought, so we ran out to Trader Craig's and Pamida's to pick up a new vacuum and stuff to run the snow blower. Than we grabbed lunch at Subway, and bought some groceries at Northland. We came back and C and I cleaned up the snow so we could get the car in and unloaded. I've done laundry and cleaned the house. I'll make us dinner, but for the most part I'm ready to call it day.

9:22 pm - We've had a nice quite night. Ate dinner and watched a movie. I know I'm going to have hard time leaving Ely on Thursday. I really love it out here. I'm going to miss C and Map, and this town. So right now C is flipping channels and Map is sleeping beside me. As soon as I get enough energy, I'm heading for bed.

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