Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clean Up From Snow & College Ap's

11:33 am - I just woke C up so he could watch a dog sled race that he helped out with here in Ely on TV. We've got to clean up from yesterdays snow fall. C might even have to get out his snow blower for the front walk. Big got home from FL last night. I talked to him for about 15 minutes and I'm already feeling depressed about the business. It makes me want to stay out here even more.

5:11 pm - We spent the afternoon working on C's college applications. We made an appointment with the football coach at U of MN for tomorrow night, so we will be driving down tomorrow and spending the night. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to stay out here longer, trying to get all the paper work completed.

8:50 pm - C and I have had a great day, talking about all sort of things, you'd never guess a twenty year old son and his mother would talk about. I really love hanging out with C. Map was going crazy around here until just a little while ago, when she finally crashed on the couch. She has issues with C and I sitting together on couch when we were working on the applications.

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