Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ready To Go Home

Beautiful morning, but I’ve got a headache. That makes me sad when I’m in my favorite place in the whole world. Having said that I can’t believe how ready I am to be going home after just one day here. Perhaps I feel this way because I know I’ll be back in just a few weeks.

I decide to look at the battle from the Confederate side of things today. I walked Confederate Ave all the way back to the Seminary. It was a nice walk, and reminded me about that part of the field, which I haven’t been on during my last few trips here. If it had been drier, I would have walked the one mile Pickett’s charge area. Maybe next time I’m here with C and Map.

I finally got my Rita’s. When I walked back into town I went a got a small cotton candy flavored Italian Ice. There is nothing like Rita’s for intense flavor. Than I broke down and bought a new sweatshirt. I’ve wanted one with Gettysburg on it for a while, and since I really do need a new sweatshirt this was the time. Plus I got the ugliest tie-dyed brown, pick and green one you’ve ever seen. I just love it.

This evening walking back to the hotel, I cut through the National Cemetery and found that someone had placed American flags on the grave of the New York soldiers‘. It is an amazing sight. I would have taken a photo, but just couldn’t do justice to the seen. I found it moving.

Ok so I’m really ready to be home. Think I’m going to get on the road here at about five am. No one at home knows I’m coming tomorrow. I miss Gr.

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